Western on a 2002 Sierra?


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Ontario, Canada
I'm looking for a bit of advice.

I operate a small lawn service in addition to my full time career. While I was not considering snow plowing with this truck, the phone rings constantly with requests to the point where today, I'm weighing the pros and cons before adding this service.

I'm looking at handling a maximum of 6-8 contracts this season, mostly residential to make sure this does not interfere with my main job.

The reaason I look at this is that it keeps my good summer clients happy all year around and limits the risk of them defecting permanently. I also feel as the company grows, winter can generate new clients for the summer, thereby increasing my marketing reach.

I have a leased 2002 Sierra 1500 ext cab with a 4.8 litre engine and am looking at a western unimount with a 7 1/2 foot blade. I am planning on adding a tranny oil cooler. The plow will be installed by the dealer.

I've plowed with this plow on two previous leased trucks, one a 1/2 ton and the other a 3/4 without any problems and sold the trucks privately prior to the lease being up. The trucks both sold very quickly for the amount owing on the buy outs. I have confidence in the quality of the truck and am willing to accept a certain amount of increased wear (I will go well over the 60 000 km powertrain warrantee.) without crying to the dealer.

That said, what are opinions about a 4.8 litre (270 hp) handling this plow for residential purposes?

John DiMartino

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You should have no problems at all,the truck is a little long for driveways,but it should do great.I wouldnt worry about the engine,plowing wont hurt it any.The gms have a strong IFS setup,and a nice low 1st gear (3.06) in there LD autos this is great for plowing,especially when tired with 3.73 or 4.10 gearing.Im sure you have at least 3.73.The amount of wear for 6-7 driveways will be minimal as long as you drive it sane,and dont drive around all winter with the plow on.Power shouldnt be an issue,especially with the gearing,you could have the 4.3 V6 in that truck it would push snow well because its geared nice and low in 1st.
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