Western MVP Plow


Just wondering what you guys think of putting a Western MVP 8.5 v-plow on a full size blazer. I know that it weighs 880# but i ran a 7.5ft pro plow on my blazer that weighed 700#. My blazer had a 4 inch lift with some real stiff leaf springs so the front never sagged. obviously I will need considerable ballast to counter the weight. I also realize that the stock 10 bolt axles might not be too happy with all that weight but I could upgrade to 14 bolt axles. Finaly does anyone know if a MVP plow will hook up to a regular uni-mount mount currently on my truck?


John DiMartino

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880 is a bit heavy, but as long as your ready to replace ball joints and tie rods more often,and put a couple hunderd worth of ballast out back to keep the rear wheels on the ground,it should push it OK.


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The mvp will mount to the existing unimount system.
I used to have an 8' fisher on a K-5 blazer. Never had any issues with that. The only problem I see, is that many times you wont be plowing, but carrying the snow, that static load will require alot more weight to keep it moving. Much like the skid steer with a pusher box. Loose traction and you have to start over again.