Western leaks fluid from Motor cover!!!


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New York
Recently had to replace my motor on the hyraulic unit now It leaks fluid from th motor cover above the gasket Its got me a little confused . And to boot I tried to use it yesterday for the first time and the damn thing wouldn't go up all the way and it was straining my alternator. Any suggestions anyone?Thanks

Eric L.


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Glenview, Ill.
Oil Leakage

Eric; if you have already changed the seal are you over filling the unit? The fluid level shouldn't really be as high as the base plate on the motor. John

#1 plowtech

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When the seal is installed correctly,the "lip"of the seal faces out. You can also see the spring that sits in the seal that keeps the seal snug against the shaft. When fluid pressure from the reservoir is forced against the seal, the pressure actually forces the seal tighter against the shaft.(the same way a rear main crankshaft seal is used in your engine) Goodluck, PT.:waving: