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Western Isarnmatic Mark IIIa NOT lowering

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by MN-Plow, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. MN-Plow

    MN-Plow Junior Member
    from Ohio/MN
    Messages: 14

    Hey there!

    I have just purchased a 1989 Full Size Bronco with a 1987 Western Plow, I believe that it is the "Standard" plow. I might have made a mistake...I raised the piston without the plow attached to the lift chain. Now, it will now lower, but the motor runs when I pull up on and right to left/left to right on the joystick. Is this a major problem? Is this something that I might be able to repair? Any help is greatfully anticipated!! If it helps, if someone could explain how to post images, I do have pics of the lifting unit without the blade attached. Thanks
  2. Mebes

    Mebes Senior Member
    Messages: 451

    The piston relies on the weight of the blade to pull it down.
    First you need to start the truck and put the joystick in the down (or float) position.
    While the joystick is in the float position you should be able to push the piston back down.
    You may have to hang with your full body weight on it to get it to go down if the packing nut (big nut on the top where the piston comes out of) is to tight.

    Good luck and welcome to plowsite.
  3. MN-Plow

    MN-Plow Junior Member
    from Ohio/MN
    Messages: 14

    Thanks Mebes! I greatly appreciate your help on that :)
  4. MN-Plow

    MN-Plow Junior Member
    from Ohio/MN
    Messages: 14

    Thanks Again!

    Thanks for your suggestion! I went and picked up the blade from my former employer (he hid the hitch pins on me!). I did get the plow back to my residence in the back of my Bronco (luckily, the blade is 6'6") and installed regular trailer hitch pins until I get the real pins from a re-seller. The plow works in all ways possible. Just thought that I would give an update. Thanks again!