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western help please

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by dentino03, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. dentino03

    dentino03 Junior Member
    Messages: 3

    I hooked up my used unimount on my 2006 chevy 2500 hd and I used all new hookup wiring and it worked fine all last season and I tried to hook it up today and lights operate normal when hooked up but when I tried to operate the plow the lights on the truck pop on and the plow does nothing and there is some sort of back feed through the truck because when you try operate it the signals on the dash come on real dim. I looked at the wiring and all looks normal and the plow was stored inside and the wiring was not disturbed. As far as I know.
  2. B&B

    B&B PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 12,777

    Check the grill plugs for a bent or broken pin and bee sure they're clean and tight..

    Check the connections on the headlight plugs on the driver side headlight.. they like to corrode there due to the close proximity to the battery..

    Look for a loose/corroded ground wire at the plow solenoid, battery and especially at the grill connector..

    Where do you have the power wire for the controller connected for 12V power inside the truck?
  3. dentino03

    dentino03 Junior Member
    Messages: 3


    I found the ground loose I have some rear end collision work done in the summer and the shop must have disconnected the battery.thanks
  4. B&B

    B&B PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 12,777

    The ground side of the system will get you every time...good to hear it's fixed!
  5. MickiRig1

    MickiRig1 PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,617

    Use Dielectric Tune up grease to protect the connections. It's mentioned in the Snow Plowers Bible somewhere.