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Western Emergency Plow Won't Drop

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by glenspot, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. glenspot

    glenspot Senior Member
    Messages: 255

    I did a quick search, and can't seem to find that this has been discussed, but I also don't have time to search through a million threads.

    My western unimount won't drop! Sounds strange, I know.

    I can go right and left and COULD go up (i'm at the top)....

    but it won't drop. I pulled up to plow my own driveway... dropped the plow. It only went 1/2 way down... then I pulled it back up..

    It's an emergency, because....We have 4-6" on the way tonight and another 3 - 5" inches forecast for tomorrow?

    Thoughts ? Answers?
  2. martyman

    martyman Senior Member
    Messages: 281

    Did you try pushing the ram down with your hand?
  3. glenspot

    glenspot Senior Member
    Messages: 255

    Yes.... But. maybe I should have made this more clear, sorry.

    The plow is still hanging from it.. so there's a couple hundred pounds of pressure on it all the time.




    Now that slightly calmer heads have prevailed.... whew.

    As with everything else with a western. The fribbin 9-pin connector the culprit.

    Moisture, or whatever got in there... I cleaned it up.....with D5 (keep some of this stuff in your glove box) See it here. (buy it here) And another slathering of dielectric compound...and we're back in business.

    Holy crap...was I scared. This stuff always happens on the weekend with snow in the forecast.

    Of course, now I feel like a Pansy having hopped on here in a panic because my plow won't work.... I hope this thread disappears into the archives soon :blush2:

    Last edited: Jan 21, 2005