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Western conventional plow with custom made wings

Discussion in 'Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures' started by MattR, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. MattR

    MattR Senior Member
    Messages: 218

    Hi everybody,

    Finally got to test my custom wings earlier today and they work great. Our area had 4 inches of fluffy snow late last night, and close to double that amount in the forecast for tomorrow of the heavy wet stuff coming. I will try to get a video of the wings at work with the heavy stuff. Right now I can show you a quick video of what they look like installed on the plow.


    Best part of all, is the wings only cost me $8 to make. I had some scrap rusty diamond plate from an old semi trailer I scrapped and for some reason I kept the rusty diamond plate thinking I would have a use for it someday. I used some cardboard to make a temporary template and then went to work on the steel with the plasma cutter. I also had some various sections of square stock around and used that for the removable mounting system. (It fastens to the plow just like a receiver hitch does.) After getting all the pieces lined up, I welded things together to end up with the wings you seen in the video. For a piece of rubber to scrape pavement, I used a bias-ply semi tire that I already had here on the property. I used a utility knife to get an opening for the sawzall into. Measured and marked off what I needed to cut out of the tire, and my cuts were not perfectly straight yet the rubber piece still works for what I need it to do. Now you are probably wondering where the cost of $8 comes from. Instead of bolting it to the plow, I wanted to be able to install/remove it easily, so I had to buy a four pins w/clips at $2 each.

    Thanks to mossman381. His custom wings are what I based mine from.
  2. dieselboy01

    dieselboy01 Senior Member
    Messages: 795

    Good job on the wings!
  3. MattR

    MattR Senior Member
    Messages: 218


    Had to add more because I guess saying thanks is not enough according to the forum...lol.
  4. xjoedirt55x

    xjoedirt55x Senior Member
    Messages: 104


    Wings are next on my list.
  5. MattR

    MattR Senior Member
    Messages: 218


    If you do any decent size lots or even bigger driveways, they do help out. One residential customer I have is a rather big area to plow snow since it is not only the main driveway, they also want the driveway for the big pole shed cleared from the snow too. Also an area back by the horse corral. Before the wings, it was a 2 hour and 5 minute job. Now with the wings, I cut that time down to 1 hour and 30 minutes. No other factors changed except for adding the wings. I already have more than my $8 out of them with the increased productivity.
  6. MattR

    MattR Senior Member
    Messages: 218

    I had some extra time yesterday to record some video of the wings in use.


    Just a note to anybody making a custom set of wings. I made mine with 1/8 inch and it is too thin without adding some extra bracing towards the scraping edge. That is my project today is to bend them back straight and add some bracing to them. The video in this post is after I noticed they were slightly bent back, and yet they still function decent. The place they bent is under the lower section of square tubing. This should be a quick easy fix and once they are straightened out and braced up a bit more, they should be very solid.