Western bracket too low?


I have a 95 Dodge ram diesel 2500, and just recently installed the uni-mount kit. I have had the plow for some time just needed to get the brackets and wiring from dealer. My question is this, did i do something wrong?, my directions say from the bottom hole on the brackets measure 9 1/2" to 10 1/2" to the ground. Well im at like 9" and the plow is angled perfect, it just seems awefully low to the ground (brackets) i've seen other trucks and they dont seem as low as mine, but then again i havent seem them all. My buddy has 3 plows all on fords and his are like 10 1/2" off the ground. He said mine are just fine, any comments?????

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The a frame needs to be parralell to the ground. You can try going up one hole, but no more than that. If you are to high, the blade will lift one side or the other when fully angled.


The plow from the groun dup sits aprox. 9" off. The directions call for 9.9-10..5"s however if i kick it up a hole it may put the top of the plow to far out so its sitting more like:



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First How Worn out is your cutting edge. This could make the plow look a little high in the back.
I have 99 ram 2500 and I think it sits kinda low too. But the blade is perfect and was installed by a guy who has been doing them for 20 years. I have to pay more attention when going over weird angles with out the plow on. It works great though, We'll just have to deal with it.

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One thing you guys gotta remember, those Rams of yours sit pretty high. It could just be that it looks too low cause your truck sits so high. Just a thought...


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