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I have a question regarding blade wear with the Western V Plows. My local Western dealer tells me he sees a lot of problems with uneven blade wear with the V plows, does anyone have experience with this and becasue the blade does not pivot from side to side it tends to wear much quicker? If so is there anything that can be done to prevent the uneven wear? He also said I will go through blades 3 times faster than straight blade plows? I guess he is talking about the Unimount system.

As I talk with more and more dealers here in MD they don't really recommend the V Plows or trip edges. I am not sure why as this is what I have read tends to be the best.


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Check into a (poly)Urethane cutting edge for that plow. From what I have read they will wear 5 times longer than steel. There has been a lot of positive input on the poly edges. I have even seen pics of Western V's with poly edges posted here.
Check with Dino, Plowking 35 if I remember correctly, he sells the poly edges.
Just a thought,
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Originally posted by Brians
My local Western dealer tells me he sees a lot of problems with uneven blade wear with the V plows, does anyone have experience with this and becasue the blade does not pivot from side to side it tends to wear much quicker? If so is there anything that can be done to prevent the uneven wear? He also said I will go through blades 3 times faster than straight blade plows?
SAY WHAT??????????:confused:

For one thing, a V plow DOES move from side to side. It depends on which operating mode you have it in.

60-70% of the time, my V is operating EXACTLY like a straight blade plow!

There are 3 operating modes:

"Vee, Scoop" In this mode, pushing the right or left button on the controller moves the two blades in unison either forward or back to form a scoop or vee. By the way, you will barely ever use the plow in the vee position.

"Straight" In this mode, regardless of what position the blades are to each other, pushing the right or left button "pivots" both blades in that direction. Unless of course, you have the blades in full vee or scoop because they are at the stops. If you have the blades lined up in a straight line, and are in this mode, the plow operates and performs just like a straight blade plow.

"Wing Toggle" In this mode, pushing th left button will toggle the left blade either forward or backwards. The same for the right.

While using the plow, you are moving between the operating modes depending on your needs at the time. For instance, say I'm plowing a long lane with several driveways off of it. I will start by going down the lane with the plow in a straight position, pivoted to the right(just like a normal plow). When I come to a driveway on the right, I switch to "Wing Toggle" and move the right wing forward. The plow is now in the scoop position. When I pass the driveway, I toggle the right wing backwards to it's original position. By doing this, There is no windrow blocking the driveway. When you come back to plow the driveway, there is no large windrow to deal with at the begining of the driveway. Or if by chance I'm not plowing that drive, the homeowner's aren't plowed in;) That is just one of many examples where a V plow comes in handy.

The pics of my plow in my sig. show the blade wear of 2 years worth of MD plowing. Not Much!! In fact, it's just getting broke in! Unless you plan on plowing I-95, I wouldn't worry to much about blade wear.



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Brians my guess as to why the dealers in your area are not trying to push the trip edge plows is that they might also sell the trip blades. If they have more trip blades than trip edges they will want to move the full trips faster. The minute they sell all their trip blades they'll be talking up the trip edges.


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I see lots of V plows of any make with the cutting edges worn uneven,I think most of them are setup wrong for the truck height.If the plow frame is set too low the tips of the wings will wear more in the V position, And inside when it's inverted.
Years ago I twisted a wing on my Boss and one wing started to wear crooked,After repair it wore just fine.
I change the height of the mount 3 times in the life of each cutting edge on my old boss V plow,The edges last a long time and I never use plow shoes.
I do however use 8" wide cutting edges and buy them from a dealer that provides edges for heavy equipment,They last much longer and cost about 1/2 what Boss charges.


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Straight blades wear uneven too! Whichever side you push most often too is going to wear first. I've reversed cutting edges for this reason to get the full use of it, kind of like rotating tires. Somebody's feeding you a line of you know what!:mad:

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In the scoop or v position the ends will wear faster. When in straight position the same thing will happen if you are always angeling it the same way.
Easy way to prevent this from happening is to make sure when plow down the A frame is level with the plow & truck. Also thay the truck is balanced front to back. Trucks are designed for the weight in the back hauling or towing, not for a plow on the front. Thus the most important reason for adding ballast & cranking the torsion bars up.

True that most people will never plow in the V position, except us in Buffalo who have to bash thru it. or use it just to get to our drives. The scoop position is truely a great thing being able to clear between cars & not covering & causing damage. Also great for moving piles or getting that little bit you left in the middle of the lot. Great for stacking snow in tight areas, preventing damage to cars, buildings, landscaping. Thoes who have never used a V blade have no clue what thay are missing. The ones that still use them are wating for the old one to die, truck cant support one, or are cheep...

Remember the guys who sell the plows do just that, sell them, some even fix them but hardly do thay ever actually use them, at least not to the extent we do.


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Pivoting Plow

When I was talking about Pivoting I meant like the design of the new Ultramount. The Unimount has the fixed position. It's hard to describe, but if you looked at Western's home page that might explain things better.

I trust your guys opinons much more than I do a salesman. I have know idea how they can say a V plow is not as good as a straight blade.

Dockboy, it's time I gave your guys a call in Kennett Square and see what they can do for me.


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My western v plows do eat steel edges. About 30 plowing hrs per set of 3/8 x6" edges. Not a whole lot, I would get 3-4 storms max out of them. They also wear funny, its like having 2 mini plows instead of one big plow. The edges wear on the ends more than the middle, I refer to it as smiling.
Also since the plow is operating in multiple positions, it will wear the edge faster , and differently than a straight plow.
Since I have changed to urethane, I get 300 plowing hrs from an edge. The edge has 2 wear wear surfaces, and I get 150 hrs from each surface.
A new set of steel replacement edges from western costs 45.00 per edge plus the center wiper kit at 30.00, for a total of 120.00
That is 1200.00 for 10 sets and that equal to how long one set of urethane edges will last, that we sell for 350.00
The reason that dealers dont have the answers is that they dont try.