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NE Indiana
Hey guys just got a email with a fresh quote on a new plow. I am looking at this for my 98 Chevy 2500 Silverado. Its a Western MVP 8.5' and this would be me picking it up and installing my self. The price quoted is $3672. While they were at it I asked them to price me a 8.5 Pro Straight blade too. They came up with $2998 on that one and it was unclear if that included the touch pad option and deflector option which amounts to $225.

I am asking you guys if you think this price is in line or not. I really like the Boss V-Plows but I don't know which would be better for me. Thanks so much for any advice or comments. Joe
Joe, Gonna install it yourself?
Check out www.centralparts.com
They have excellent prices on complete plow
set ups. All brands too...They are near you
so shipping will be cheap. I was going to
buy from them but shipping to NY ate up the
price advantage for me.....I had my new 71/2
western ultra installed yesterday with the
trick controller $2900 installed.........
I was at the BBQ in poughkeepsie and saw
all the plows side by side. That new BOSS V
was nice 3800 inst.....western mvp 3600 inst.
western mm 71/2 inst 3000. Prices quoted
from memory (looking for quote list now).
good luck....let it snow !................Geo


Western CT
Your prices seem high for a plow to install yourself. If you are looking to go this route by from a bigger dealer where they can keep prices low by moving more stock.
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Central Parts has them for $3542.11 + shipping

If you don't want to do the install, try your local dealer's and negotiate the price:D

When I had my Western MVP installed, they originally wanted $4200. I got them down to $3700 including tax:eek:



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I called this week for a quote on that same plow and was told 3675.00 piched up, and 3975.00 installed. Then I reminded the owner that this was my thrid v plow from him, and that had bought 2 spreaders as well, and he dropped 200.00 on each price.Turn the screws and they will deal some.

John DiMartino

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I priced one here,8.5 ,MVP they wanted 3650 +tax,if i installed it.Truthfully I wanted this plow,but they still use the unimount,which I really do not like much,so I went with the Boss ,which is a little bigger,a lot faster,easier to mount,but has no lower trip or deflector.I will probably put a U edge on it once I wear this one down anyway.


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tjlands said:
John R. Where did you get it installed for that price in NJ
The prices I have been quoted are 1k more.
Please let me know
if you are interested in a used 8' straight pro plow, i have a ultra mount that has 1 full easy season, has back scraper blade, and operates great.
I just want to upgrade to a large v blade, new jobs have long isle pushes instead of the easy off to the side pushing.
let me know if interested, I am only considering it at the moment, this the 1st time i've mentioned the idea.
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Wow that was dumb! 2001 yeah I remember....
Not looking for any more str8 blades.
I have 8 western 8ft plows. 5 uni 3 ultra Looking to get a V blade,
I am meeting with a Blizzard rep on the 14th here in NJ. Their prices seem to be alot cheaper I want to find out why.
How much are you looking for the used plow? people are always asking me

john r

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I bought mine from Seely Equipment in Farmingdale NJ. Don't know what the prices are today for a MVP but I'm happy with mine.

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