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i hate to beat a dead horse guys, but to those who have a 1000 and have a vibe please post a pic, or any it just Karrier/ i forgot the other?.. are they all 100% duty?..amps they pull?? how you wired them?? i am getting mixed signals on this..

was thinking of using motor wires to trigger a relay so no switch...or wire directly to motor but can VSC handle extra load?? it already gives me overlaod more than i would like...bagged 1 there any way to amp up the motor?..make it stronger? buddys boss spreads road mix like hell....mine won't

whats it hurt to run it when ever the spinner is on?.vibe. i don;t want to have to mess with a switch and wait for a failure to happen before i vibe...i don;t want to have to watch in mirror for pattern waiting by vibe switch...dig? if i am spreading i think it should be vibeing..
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