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Philadelphia, Pa
Philly Pa help ANYTIME

Hey everybody in Philadelphia and surrounding area's anything I can do to help. I guess thats why it's called the city of brotherly love I have 2 trucks with plows and salt spreaders and 2 push snow blowers and 1 ride on tractor with a snow blower. I also have FLATBED towing for any breakdowns. I know how hard it is to get towed with a plow on the truck.

Chris :yow!:
C & J Transport & Recovery
(215) 768-0479
President B.A.C.A. Philadelphia,Pa
Bikers Against Child Abuse
Nextel Direct Connect # 168*136442*2

2003 F-150 Supercrew 4x4 W/ Plow & Spreader:blush2:
2002 F-250 Superduty 4x4 W/ Plow & Spreader:blush2:
2 Craftsman Push Snow blowers:
1 Ride on Craftsman Snow Blower:
7 Snow Shovels:(

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