Well.... I think I'm buying a Boss!!

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    I'm the type of guy that researches EVERYTHING to death. Doesn't matter what it is, if it costs more than $20, I research it. Call me cheap, but hey, I know what I'm getting after its all said and done.

    I had my choices down to the Blizzard 760HD, Snow Dogg EX75, and the Boss Super Duty 7'6". There are no local dealers for Blizzard or Snow Dogg within 45 minutes of my house. BUT, the Boss dealer around here really doesn't know anything about plows, and stocks absolutely NOTHING for parts.

    Sooooo.... I had to go outta town to find a dealer. The three dealers are all about 45 minutes from my house. I have not seen the Snow Dogg yet in person becaue the dealer was not open today. Seems simple to mount, but it is still the same price as a Boss. And since the Snow Dogg dealer isn't open on Saturdays... that makes it hard for me to get parts. Scratch that off the list.

    The Blizzard was a really, really nice beefy brute of a plow. But again, the dealer isn't open on Saturdays. They are there sometimes on Saturdays (like today) to move stock around. They stocked a ton of parts. But as far as the plow, it came down to the one year warranty, and the fact that the light bar stays on the truck (I didn't know that from the internet pics). One more thing to mess with because I don't want a light bar on my truck all the time. Same price as a Boss Super Duty. So I reluctantly had to scratch that off the list. I have to say one more time, it was a VERY nice looking setup.

    So its a Boss. Great BIG dealership, open every Saturday, tons of parts, REAL professional place. Its obvious they move a lot of plows and have done a ton of installs. So I'd trust them to work on my truck. As far as the plow, well, you guys know all about it. The Super Duty is just plain awesome. What more can I say?

    So for now, I'm 99% sure I will be buying a Boss when the time comes. I'm still looking for a newer used F250. This is only going to be for personal use - a 200ft driveway and my parents house too. The truck is going to be a second family car, but will still only get around 3000-4000 miles per year on it. So I'm looking for a truck and a plow to last 20 years with this type of use. I'm confident Boss can do that!!
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    Dealer location and quality is key. I bought a Boss. I have 1 dealer on the island, he doesnt carry Boss hydro fluid. lol. I had to have my dad pick it up from me about 150 miles from my house. In my case, i will be stocking up on stuff i would need. An extra cylinder, hoses, OIL, and some spare parts. I would go with an 8' plow on that truck, the truck can More then handle it also. I am more then sure any plow will last 20 years as long as it is taken care of. Good luck and keep us posted. Pictures are good too.
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    Good choice. You can buy a lot parts at the hardware store or auto store. With my v plow I broke a return spring and just threw on a Meyer spring. Same with bolts. Hoses any place that makes custom hoses will work.