welding the a frame back to the blade on a meyer?

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one the left side of the 7.6 meyer i have the a frame ripped away from the plow. can this be repared? i have had hard times with the 2 meyers i own the down time has killed me with the two e 47 models i own right now i have peiced togeather one good plow ! well it works if you dont mind tapping the switch to make the plow stay up every 5 mins.


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Yes, this can be repaired but without seeing the actual plow I can't give specifics on how to go about it. I would guess you're looking at at least a few hours work to do this, any reputable welding shop should be able to handle this job. At the same time this is being fixed, make sure to check over the rest of the unit for any cracking, bent components or signs that something else is about to "let go" and have it dealt with then so you don't end up "down for the count" in the middle of the next storm! I can't offer any input with regard to the pump problem, but I am certain other members of the forum will know what to do there. Good luck! And welcome to the forum - I see you're a new member too. Good bunch of people out there.

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I had the same thing happen to my Meyers a long time ago,If I remember right,I rebuilt the whola assy,cut off the meyer pivot,and used a 1 1/4"pipe on the plow,and A-frame and a solid steel bar to slide thru it when i was done,then i pinned the bar on one end.It took a long time,but it never failed after that.If I were you,id try a different plow-the downtime of my Fisher,and western have been zero over the last 7 yrs,I had 2 meyers running at the same time,one E47,on a Toyota landcruiser,and one on a Dodge sno-commander with under hood hydro's.In every storm one of the plows had a breakdown of some type.Good luck

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thanks alot for the info guys and yes im putting a 3rd truck on the road next winter and i have a 8 foot western that im looking for the truck to put it on .thanks again

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