Week old snow... plowable?


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I am finishing up mounting my new Meyer EZ Mount to my 92 Bronco. (The 79 Bronco passed away... last week) R.I.P :(
We have driven on the snow and today it was melting... 40 deg. Tonight will be around 20.
I did manage to make two passes before the old girl spun a bearing so it was plowed a little. I want to move the piles farther back and widen the opening to the driveway from the road. It is 150' long by 2 cars wide with a 2 car turn around. This is my own driveway.... dirt.
Any tips on how to move settled set snow?
Thanks for the help


Good luck. Is the ground underneath frozen, if not take a little weight off the blade and go slow and easy, but do it now before it freezes up hard as a rock. Scott


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fairfield ct
low range, slow speed, small bites (1' of blade at a time) , while the temp is above frezing, listen to your equip sno hopper...if the pile protests maybe you wait till next week...
or just blast it
good luck


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I did something like that just two days ago. A lady bought a house where they hadn't plowed all winter. So you've got about 30" of frozen garbage. Now my '90 Dodge and Fisher plow are a little heavier than what you're using. What I did was approach a spot with the plow angled and about an inch off the ground - it's frozen. When it started digging in, I stomped on it. It rolled the snow off for about 50 feet until it just came to a stop. Now, I've got a place to start from. I'd take about a 2 foot "bite" and roll it into the area I'd already plowed, then back up and push that onto the pile - take another 2 foot bite ....

Another guy with a Dakota Sport wasn't able to go over about six feet. He just made a bunch of piles for me to clean up:mad: . He did, however, pull me out when I got stuck once:) . It was on landscape I didn't realize was sloped toward the leech field:eek: .
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