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website ideas

Discussion in 'Business Fundamentals' started by fastxcr800, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. fastxcr800

    fastxcr800 Member
    Messages: 87

    I'm looking for some ideas for a website, i offer lawn care snow removal services. Any examples of sites would be appriciated.
  2. Watkins

    Watkins Member
    Messages: 60

    Do you plan to code the page yourself ? If so your in for hours and hours of work like I did, and accomplish pages that look like a middleschool student's 1st page.
    As I have no experience or training with html or page design, however it was a fun attempt.

    Sites such as homestead are nearly an instant page, all the templates are there and it's files are easy to access, ( so I heard but I dont like it cause I wrecked my page trying to edit it ) I like to free ball the html index,about us, and pics as well as a blog spot for my webpage, I found my page rank climbed a small amount after adding a blog spot.

    Your page is you, it should be who you are and what your about, Good heavens I hope people are not too judgemental on the skills vested into my page, and I pray they do not associate the progress of my webpage to the skills in the field of lawncare & snowplowing.

    Good luck with your webpage, and remember if you dont start your webpage now, someone else will make one and you will be behind them so get going and make a webpage, mine costs about 10 bucks a month but if you have someone make your page it may cost 200-600 + to have the images and content tables created ( coded ) unless you google webpage help.
  3. fastxcr800

    fastxcr800 Member
    Messages: 87

    my brother in law is making the site for me (he does this for a living) so the price wont break the bank. I'm hoping this will assist in making a professional looking business. i think websites are very important, everybody searches the web instead of using the phonebook nowadays
  4. snowfighter75

    snowfighter75 Senior Member
    Messages: 124

    I'll have my new site up and running in about a week from now. Feb 25 at max. Check it out when its up and running. bmdsnowremoval.com
  5. WayneSnow

    WayneSnow Senior Member
    Messages: 130

  6. nhpatriot

    nhpatriot Senior Member
    Messages: 190

    If you would like to look at my website for ideas you are welcome to.
    click on "Snow and Ice Removal". My snow removal business is all commercial, but you may be interested in design, etc.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
  7. viper881

    viper881 Senior Member
    Messages: 477

    I use justhost.com.....works great for me