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I saw most of the good ideas you guys had about websites after I searched the topic.
But can anyone tell m how to go about starting my own website?
Basicaly I have no idea where to start.

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I just started a website, and I used siterightnow.com very easy to use and reasonably priced for what you get. if you decide to use it let me know I think you can use me as a refferal or something and I get a discount.

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pick a domain name and if it is avalible purchase the rights to that name, find hosting somewhere , give me $100 to set it up ;) dont forget it costs around $8.95 a month for hosting.

I have recieved 503 hits to my snow plowing page this month 219 were on december 25th. the day we got 7" of snow, and yes I have recieved leads from it and I gained 6 new customers from it on christmas, well worth the money.


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