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Somerset, NJ
Bummer. I had that site bookmarked a long time ago, and it used to be free (at least Local Weather, Radar - maybe not all of the offerings). Sorry to hear we have to pay for all of it now. Supposed to be a good site from what I've heard.

Chuck Smith

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The Pro version of Weatherbug is only $20. It gives you historical data access (by the hour). Otherwise not that much different than the free version.


plowjockey Sponsor
Dayton, Ohio USA
Weatherbug is (free) has been just fine for me locally, also it has a camera feature on some of the main roads around town which is kind of nice. (free) is fine for national weather radar updated 4 times an hour. Locally we have a television station with local live doppler radar and they have it on their site, also for free.


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