We might make some money today!!!!!


We might be getting 2-3 inches of snow, and finally got the new truck road ready, even put new halogens on the roof for those back alley roads


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Just checked Weatherbug - 1" or less tonight. Maybe flurries tomorrow. I think it's a conspiracy to keep me from plowing. We've had two events worth plowing so far.



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Strong 2" here, falling temperatures. I'm heading out in a while to do the commercials, I'll push them off and then salt. May not need much salt as they were hit a couple days ago to clean up after our last little party. Rather than get straight salt form my supplier I'll dip into my Magic supply, it will work better as/if the temps drop to the low 20s overnight and stay there tomorrow. Will probably get the residentials tomorrow as they have had several small hits the past week, none of which were plowable but now it's starting to get messy. There will be some pack which won't come up but we'll smooth them up some and it will be billable events.


Let's see snow, ooopppssss! I have to look it up in websters dic. haven't had but 2 this year, but I already ahead of last year.

SlimJimZ71 (Tim), Don't get worn out and have medical problems again, if you do, just call email I'll come up and plow for you, (need $$$$). I want to go to Denver and meet all these professional businessmen (plowers) this summer! :)

Mike Nelson

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Naperville IL
Good Morning to all
Weather man says 5-9 inches by Sunday morning..
Rooster,I can honestly say,I have been to Shawnee Mission Kansas.Drove down to get cosulted by the Pinnacle Performance Group.Real nice area
Good Luck and I hope it snows for you all.


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The weathermen are probably wrong again like usual. I hope not, hopefully they are wrong on the little amount & we get 1 ft.



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5:30pm Philly time & it's starting to change over to freezing rain. Went to let the dog out & almost fell flat on my a$$. Deck is icing up. Looking forward to the 4-8 their calling for...........BRING IT ON!!



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You guys always get me all excited. The problem is I've already had my chance at what your getting.(It missed me) It would be nice to see some more people from the Midwest involved in the forum. It seems like the majority of members are from the east coast. It's funny, I haven't seen one person from New Mexico yet.