Wax OR Silicone or Neither


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Since getting my V-plow installed (less than 12 hours ago!) I have had several fellow plowers suggest that I wax the blade, spray silicone on the blade and/or just leave it alone. Very simple suggestions that were offered during a few beers (celebrating USMC birthday, 1 day late! - Semper Fi) and I started thinking is this really necessary since my V-plow is BRAND NEW? Just curious what you guys think.



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It may help with non stick of the snow, I know guys that use pam cooking spray. Its not something I worry about, but try the silicone spray or maybe the pam, and see if it helps.
You might look a little silly, hand waxing the moldboard. Wax on wax off grasshopper.


I am going to try some marine wax, that claims to have teflon in it, on a old steel Western. The maker claims nothing will stick!

I sprayed silicone on a old plastic push shovel years ago that made it get soft and weaken. I do not know about poly blades, but I would be careful about spraying or applying anything that might have a petroleum base.

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There is actually a silicone wax available. I use it on my fishing poles. The bottle I have is made by (for?) Yamaha. It's liquid, and comes in a bottle not a can. I think it is more along the lines of a polish. It does leave the surfaces slick. On a car or truck. you'd never want to use a silicone wax, but on a powder coated plow, it's a different story. I waxed my plow with it the first year after I painted the plow with my toxic paint. It was slick, and nothing would stick to it. I didn't wax it again after that during the season, because it was too cold out to do. I do give my plow a coat before I store it in the spring though. Another coat in the fall. Thanks for the reminder, I need to wax on, wax off now like Dino said...

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I tried the "PAM" trick last winter. My wife thought I was nuts, OK she knows I am...Anyway I sprayed my blade with it. After plowing ~6hrs of wet/sticky snow, the blade was spotless, none of the snow stuck.

So I have to say it works.

Since your blade is brand new, I might try a silicone sray wax. We use them on the bikes(motorcycles), and it leaves a very slippery finish.



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I use the cooking spray on the mower decks so it was a natural transition to try it on the snow blades. I had the same results.
I might try my snowboard wax on one of the plows this year for fun.

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