Waterproof Snow Footwear?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Jason Pallas, Jan 30, 2001.

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    Here's a hint that I've found to be real helpful. As a matter of fact, I make all my employees do this - because I don't want to hear any crying about wet feet and soaked socks in the middle of a 12 hour plow. I also don't want sick employees. Put your feet (after donning socks) in plastic bags before you put your boots on (like foot condoms!). Not only do your feet slide easier into your boots, they'll be bone dry (except for some sweat) all the time. My grandfather taught me this one years ago.
    I had the hardest time finding a waterproof set of boots. Finally I found some and plowed in them for years but found them quite large and cumbersome (especially in delicate situations where you need to be quick on the gas and brake!). Needless to say, I can now plow in boots that are much less bulky, more comfortable and stay bone dry while standing in puddles of slush! And all the while I feel like I've got a pair of Mario Andretti's driving shoes on.
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    I've been wearing Gore-Tex boots for 12 years now. Never got wet feet. As far as cumbersome, with a size 13EE anything I put on is cumbersome!

    Seriously, Gore-Tex is the way to go. The boots I get have a one piece tongue, and the Gore-Tex "bootie" is sewn in around the top only, in between layers of insulation.

    I have tried many different brands of boots over the years, and these win hands down. The ones that leak are the "water resistant" and the "silicone impregnated leather" ones.

    The Gore-Tex ones say 100% waterproof, and they are.

    As a kid, I did the bags on the feet thing too.

    I have been buying my boots from Cabela's. I get the "All Season Gore-Tex Leather Hunting Boot".

    It's here if anyone is interested.


    I usually get 2 - 3 years out of a pair. These are comfortable right out of the box too, which is more than I can say for most boots and shoes!

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    Thanks Chuck, I have used Sorels for years. But I just found out the Grandson of the founder bankrupt the company in 3 months.
    I was told they were the worlds largest manufacture of Cold weather boots.
    Never tried Gortex but I will.
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    good idea, i got to try that plastic bag thing. It's realy no fun working 30 hours with cold, numb feet. It usually takes my feet atleast 6 hours to thaw once I get home. I'd get the gore-tex but I'm too cheap.
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    Never had a problem with greaseing the Red Wings.
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    I pull a pair of Tingley yellow boots over my sneakers and feet stay dry for days.
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    I too am a fan of the sorel boots but could not find a pair
    anywhere this year. I also read an article in News Week I think about the grandson running the co. into the ground. The good news is that the co. was sold and will be back in production for next season. I have worn sorels for years hunting and never got wet or cold feet. Let's hope the quality stays the same.

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    I recomend a boot made by Hoffman Boots in Kellog Idaho. I have been wearing the "Predator Extreme" for the last 2 years and will never buy another boot. It has a rubber bottom with air bob sole and leather upper. 100% water proof and very comfortable. Similar to a Sorel Style but not at all clumsy or difficult to drive in. I wear them from hunting in September to fishing in the spring. I bought a Sorel liner ($20) to put in for the coldest part of winter. I used to mark timber sales for the Forest Service in these. My feet never got wet and I could cover miles in them. They have removable calks for walking on wet logs or ice that are very nice, but even nicer is the fact you can remove them for walking in the house. I know I sound like I work for them but I don't. I do swear by these boots for waterproof footwear for around $150. You can check them out or order them here:

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    All of my family wears sorels. We purchased them all off of ebay for about 1/2 price and they were brand new. I have wore goretex boots in the past and they are great as well.

    My wife tells me that when she was a little girl that they wore bread bags inside their boots to keep the little feet dry.
  10. Mark Oomkes

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    I saw a guy getting out of his plow truck at a repair shop, had to put his shoes on. He had a towel or rug on the floor and plowed in just his socks.
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    I just wear my runners,as it is way more comfortable,easier to work the pedals,and you don't get that "sweaty feet" smell after wearing them for 3 days straight.Once I'm in the truck,I very rarely get out,except for coffee breaks,and I make sure I plow the pavement clear first.I keep a set of insulated rubber boots warm in the cab,if I do need to get out in the snow.
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    sorel sold to columbia and hopefully will still make a good boot. Till then there is a store called R.E.I thet sells a boot like sorels for around 60 bucks. try online if not around here
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    Tingley makes a winter boot that is all rubber with a nice pull out liner that are very warm and you can walk in 6 inches of water and still stay dry. I froze my feet once when I was young and ever since have had a terrible time keeping my feet warm. These boots are the best of all the boots I have ever worn for keeping my feet warm. The only problem is the store I usually get them at discontinued them. If anyone knows where I can get a pair I would appreciate it if you told me. I wear out a couple pair a winter(I walk funny and it wears the soles weird until they hurt my feet to bad) The best thing about these boots is they are only $35.00.