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Washington DC area, Northern VA

Discussion in 'Networking' started by golfmanres, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. golfmanres

    golfmanres Senior Member
    Messages: 150

    Hello i am in Northern Virginia. I am able to help anyone in maryland virginia and DC. Just drop me a line and i can be ready to go.
  2. mjandrew

    mjandrew Junior Member
    Messages: 7

    I am in Marland, have plow and willing to travel.
  3. DropPlow

    DropPlow Junior Member
    Messages: 29

    Hi! I'm west of Frederick and after my route would be able to help out plowing in the MD, VA and DC areas. :salute:

    Contact me and I'll reply ASAP
  4. Precision Lawn

    Precision Lawn Senior Member
    Messages: 334


    I'm in Maryland near Annapolis and can help if needed
    I have oneme truck with 7' 6'' blade
    Just email
  5. LawnzzzANDsnow

    LawnzzzANDsnow Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    Got a residental in the upper marlboro area at route 4 /301 near the court house.

    If anybody in the area let me know.