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was i wrong ?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by nekos, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. nekos

    nekos Senior Member
    Messages: 586

    ok first off before i get into the main part of my post i need to explain a couple thing's.
    i work for a large snow removal company, i am not a route manager , supervisor or any one else that might have some authority ...

    ok , last night i kinda snapped at a couple drivers on my route. these guys are slow and i always have to clean up their mess ! late last night my boss asked me to dig out a 7 foot wall of snow that these 2 idiots have built up. cool no problem it's extra money for me. :)

    after i started digging out this wall of snow i got a bright idea , i could actually teach these guys how to stack snow so i don't have to do this again. i called my boss , asked if i could keep them around a little longer ( let them make some more money ) and teach them how to stack snow correctly... no problem , he actually wanted me to do that anyway.

    i call the guys over and explained that we need to get the snow pushed back and ask if they wanted to help with it. their reply ... why don't you get a loader to do it ?
    i told them that the owners of the lot don't want to spend $200 + an hour for a loader when this should have been done correctly in the first place. their next reply ... i don't want to ruin my transmission. this is when i snapped , i said i don't want to ruin my transmission cleaning up your ******mess ! i told both of them to get the hell out of here ( they were done any way ) and call my boss.

    was i wrong for snapping at these guys ?

    a few picks just to show you all exactly what i had to do. 2 are of the car they buried and the other the snow was stacked out to where my blade is in that pic.



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