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Warning On Western Tornado Salt Spreader!!!

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by natueboy, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. natueboy

    natueboy Junior Member
    Messages: 22

    Recently purchased two Western Tornado Salt Spreaders, and instaled them on two 2006chevrolet 2500HD. Very good idea and very economicaly priced, however... The spreader is equiped with a cover that folds on both sides to protect the truck box from salt when loading the truck. When folding the tops down to load the spreader it is suppose to rest on the bed rails, however it misses the rails and rest on the box sides. This in return scratched the hell out of my box. We were very careful lowering and raising the sides, hoping not to scratch or dent the brand new 200 mile truck. But that is what happened. The only compalint I have. Although I think they could have made the pulley bigger on the spinner to shoot the salt further in larger parking lots.
  2. Bruce'sEx

    Bruce'sEx Senior Member
    Messages: 873

    Maybe put a strip of weather striping or something, on the covers, so it's something softer hitting the box?
  3. 2moresleeps

    2moresleeps Senior Member
    from Ontario
    Messages: 131

    I just had 2 fisher poly casters (same thing) installed on my 2007 silverado and 2002 ram and neither fold into the sides. The ONLY complaint I have is the black cover that covers the motor and chain area wasnt designed properly and doesnt quite fit. I had to put a wedge between the steel and the cover to avoid the chain rubbing constantly against the plastic. No damage would occur other than maybe stressing that little itsy bitsy teenie weenie half horsey motor more than it should.

    CARDOCTOR PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,312

    any pictures
  5. 4evergreenlawns

    4evergreenlawns Senior Member
    Messages: 552

    Thanks for the heads up. I just picked one of these up and it is going in a short bed service body.

    With the service body no issue with the side as they rest on the outside top edge of the compartment which is also line-Xed so not going to do any damage.

    Here is my Q have any of you actually put down some salt with this spreader and if so how did it perform????


    Oh, I will get some pics up soon
  6. natueboy

    natueboy Junior Member
    Messages: 22

    Congads on the spreader.

    We have used it once. It works great. Has no power problem, but the only thing I am going to change on them is were going to put a bigger pulley on the spinner. Seems our Western 1000 spreader will throw it farther. Its smaller to. It only holds 2 skid loader scoops. Thanks for the replies.
  7. Mark@NBCTruck

    Mark@NBCTruck Junior Member
    Messages: 20

    At the Western product school this year they actually mentioned that and I believe they will have something "protective" for next year.
  8. Gary Dwinal

    Gary Dwinal Senior Member
    Messages: 235

    Hi Guys,
    I would like to ask a question of the folks that have purchased and used the Polycaster/Tornado spreaders. When operating the machine, do you simply run it wide open to get the widest spread pattern or do you use it at different speeds under different conditions or in different areas? Looking for customer feedback on the control.
  9. Bry@n

    Bry@n Senior Member
    Messages: 159

    I am interested in hearing more about the spreader. I have been wanting one but I am not going to take the plunge if a Western 1000 throws further than the Tornado. This is a major concern. Anybody else experiencing this?
  10. lawnMaster5000

    lawnMaster5000 Senior Member
    Messages: 105


    Is there any possibility in the future of having a separate motor run the conveyor and one for the spinner. This would satisfy those who want a larger pulley and give more control of material flow.

    I have not yet purchased this unit but have been looking very seriously. I wanted to wait for all these bugs to get cleared up.

  11. 6_Feet_Under

    6_Feet_Under Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    More discussions of the Tornado under Ice management forum. Go check it out.
  12. natueboy

    natueboy Junior Member
    Messages: 22

    Sorry So Late

    Sorry I havent had time to reply sooner. To simply end this spreader review, DONT BUY ONE!!! Our second time out, the spreaders both took a crap on us. We had to do everything with tailgate spreaders. We took both spreaders back to the dealer, along with another guy that had bought two. We purchased three Western Icebreakers instead. NO COMPARISON. Night and Day. They maybe double + the money but they are so worth out. No problems at all. I hope if anyone has bought one they have better luck then I did. I honestly think that western should have taken a few more test runs with this and this should have been a next years model. I will never buy one of these again. even for $500.00 They are junk. I paid $2,550 for each of these and the icebreakers sell for about $5,500.00. PAY the difference.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2007
  13. 4evergreenlawns

    4evergreenlawns Senior Member
    Messages: 552


    A good start would be a design that get ALL the material comming off the belt actually onto the Spinner. Futhermore, if you are going to have an adjustable feed gate it need to be operational at all settings. The first setting to TOO small and you can even see it just about binding on the klets when empty by just looking at it. Therefore, no room for salt to get past and it stalls. The second hole seems ok but again it is like I could use a 1.5 setting to get the feedrate I am looking for.

    Yes, I would like to see two contolls one for the spinner and one for the Belt. I usually ring it at full capacity but lower it when I need to reduce the pattern. This is what I have on all my other set ups and it gives me better controll from the cab and we can all do the same thing based on conditions without having to get out off the truck to adjust anything.

    Ron G