I have meyer plow ez tube mounted on my 1975 dodge 4x4 W200 truck.
just rebuilt the plow and the truck engine is tired. So searched for another truck, but 2 years later with only junker trucks found [ugh]
I do have a 2001 GMC 1500 sierra 4x4 that I hardly use. 130k miles om it and it would make a fine plow truck.
it needs the ruck side mount [Ive been told a Meyer #17138 will do it] great news.
Now I need to find it. [hoping for used] being pretty is not do important, it just needs to work for my personal use.
I have found a few for Fords a few for Dodge, but not for my GMC truck. a Chevy ought to work too.
tell me what you might have or might have found.