Want to buy a small backhoe/tractor/loader

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment' started by panhead9, Feb 23, 2008.

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    :help: I am looking for a small machine I need a loader with a backhoe on it I live in Florida Sussex area of NY/NJ I need something smaller for my property always seem something to dig move or grade going on tired of renting I dont want a full size because of some projects I want to do I am open to all brands as long as pins are tight and not leaking too bad, and I can back them up to get parts. I'm a mechanic so something that need some work is OK I can spend about $ 12,000 anybody have something Please let me know Panhead9@optonline.net I know this is not the proper forum if anybody can steer me the right way its apprecieated thanks :help:
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    Check out Lancaster Farming newspaper. Every week there is tons of stuff like you want in there. For your budget you will probably only find a 2 wd in that price range but who knows--you may get lucky! 4 wd machines will go around 17K +.
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    I can sell you a CAT 416 but its a 4x4, and a full size machine.....
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    try going to emerichsales.com and looking there....Kevin may be able to help you out...not sure where in NY you are located but its worth a look
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    any pics

    do you have any pics and a price your looking to get? i may be in the market for one soon also
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    No pics, but in the $16,000 range
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    Hey gicon what year/condition is that 416? Also where in MA are you?