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Want adjustable Float and Down Pressure??

Discussion in 'SnowMan SnowPlows' started by Fps, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Fps

    Fps Junior Member
    Messages: 8

    :mechanic:I've finished fabricating simple, practical Float and Down Pressure options for my 7' Snowman. Is it available from Snowman yet??? If it was for sale, would it be better to be a bolt-on or weld-on option???
    Your input is needed......
  2. Fps

    Fps Junior Member
    Messages: 8

    My Mistake

    Hi Guys,
    I guess I made a mistake. Most the guys I know were looking for a simple way to let the Snowman Float. I know I can’t live without it. It just makes everything easier. However, I understand Ed (Snowman) doesn’t see a use for it, which is why it hasn’t been designed.
    Frankly, no float is the biggest reason I find guys don’t use a back plow.
    Also, FWIW, you can’t use a toggle switch on the plow valve to have it float because the valve only switches hydraulic direction and nothing more. The pressure regulator in the head body automatically opens the check valve in the opposite cylinder end and closes as soon as the pump stops, which is why the plow holds position. Unless major revalving and new parts are installed, the plow will not be able to float and have power up plus power down.
    So, without any responses I’m must be the only guy that wants a simple floating Snowman plow.
    Thanks for the input
  3. ditchpickle

    ditchpickle Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    I would love to know more!!! It would be great if i could float my 7' snowman, as I plow on some really uneven ground. I would be happy with bolt on or weld on.

    Please let me know

  4. sdaigh

    sdaigh Junior Member
    Messages: 17

    The float function is something i've been trying to figure out how to do on mine too.... I'd love to be able to have the down pressure up by the garage in driveways then go to a "float" function when you get out to where most driveways really change angle when going to the street. I tried to "t" off both lines to the lift cylinder and put a 12v solenoid valve in between those so that when the valve is open it allows fluid to flow from one side of the cylinder to the other without having to even mess with the original valve body but the valve i have isn't working to hold pressure both directions, only one so it doesn't work right!!
  5. Holland

    Holland Senior Member
    Messages: 605

    Your on the right track.. one valve would hold one direction.. a second valve would hold the other direction. unless you can find another style valve that would hold both ways. Good luck! hope it works out for ya!
  6. D Industries

    D Industries Junior Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 15

    I think sdaigh has the same idea I was going to suggest. Bypass line with a valve one the cylinder and the lines going to the factory valves after that. I think however instead of a plow type solenoid valve, a 12v ball valve would hold pressure fine-but it would take a couple seconds to open and close. Unlike the solenoid valves that are almost instant.
  7. D Industries

    D Industries Junior Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 15

    Just did a quick search and Valvestore.com has some 12v ball valves in 3/8" in both brass and stainless steel.
    One of those inline should hold pressure from both directions fine, and since they are full port, they should allow good flow for a good 'float'
  8. White Gardens

    White Gardens 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,665

    This is only thinking out loud.

    Why couldn't you use some sort of valve body instead of the individual valves and solenoids.

    And, why not make the cylinder a two way cylinder.

    What I'm thinking is that tractors I used to use growing up had a two way function for the lever, and if you shoved the lever completely forward, then it would be in float.

    I might be able to pull off something like this in my truck with the central hydro system, but not sure if it can be done effectively with a conventional pump.

    Then again, Snoway has already designed something. You might want to look at their pump design and setup to come up with the answer.

  9. sdaigh

    sdaigh Junior Member
    Messages: 17

    D Industries: Only thing i see here with the ball valves at the site you mentioned that might create a problem is that they are rated for 1000 psi max and i believe the pump has relief pressure of 1500 psi on the plow.
  10. Fps

    Fps Junior Member
    Messages: 8

    Snoman Float Video

    OK guy's, here's my video of how to make the Snoman Back Plow "Float". The float amount is adjustable, but I've found it left at the maximum of about 15 inches. Normal down pressure and stop height still function. I choose to install a longer hydraulic cylinder to retain the amount you can raise the plow, since some of the travel is lost in the "float function". The cylinder was under $60 on eBay. You can keep the stock cylinder, but the plow will not raise up as high as the original height. Unless you back drag snow drifts this is not a problem and will save you some money.
    Also, I've eliminated the "trip function" of the plow and the plow works much better. For what it's worth, the "OTHER" maker of back plows doesn't have a "trip function", which is why I got rid of it on the Snoman. In case you are nervous, unless you running over a tall vertical rod in the road, the plow will "pop" over any obstacle because you are pulling the plow instead of pushing it. Last, I may/will be adding a plow spring to the float function to let you add and adjust "floating down pressure" (Like a Snoway Plow).

    Click/Copy this link............http://youtu.be/L2ISkrexrKE