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    Does anyone know who manufactures and or sells this plow? Wolf bring up little success on a search!


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    thats a snowbear winter wolf i had one then i had a winter wolf extreme


    and they still sell alot of part threw there website but you can bascially rebuild one even after a severe wreck for like 500 bucks.
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    Who makes this?


    Sure looks just like the plow I have mounted on my Wrangler as I speak. My guess is it is a Winterwolf plow manufactured by snowbear (I can tell by the blue paint job). I purchased mine from Fleet Farm about 5-6 years ago. For light duty personal plowing this thing is a Godsent. We are in the middle of a 22" storm right now and this thing has saved my A$$ many times over the years. 3 car wide drive about 40 foot long, slight downgrade from the garages. For the money I saved over a hydraulic rig it has paid for itself many times over the years. Yes, I have to get out of the cab to angle the blade but, for a $3,000 savings, I am more than happy to do that. (I paid $999.00 for it new at the time. Plus $40.00 for my mechanic to put the Jeep on a lift and bolt on the frame mount.You will have to order the special mount for yor vehicle from Snowbear. Delivered within a week. Comes via UPS. Not that heavy.)

    The only maintenance I have done to it over the years is 1 new set of skids ($70 at the time) and had the motor terminals cleaned and greased last summer. Works great. And easy to mount and dismount too!! My wife can do it if necessary. I have also had a breathable fiber jacket wrapped around the motor to prevent any melted snow from leaking into the motor end caps and freezing up. Kudos to Snowbear/Winterwolf for building an affordable plow for us homeowners on a budget. BTW, I don't use it for any commercial work, yet.

    Search winterwolf.com or Snowbear.com

    Good luck. I think you will find it a good investment.

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    Thank you all for your time and information! I truley appreciate it.