Walk-behinds w/ snow blades

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central Iowa
I was just wondering if any one knows where I can get a snow blade for my 48" Hydro Bob-Cat. I know exmark had or has them but does any one know if they will fit mine? Please let me know. Im just looking for something to do small residential drives. Thanks.


I went to that guy in town who goes to the dump and picks up all the old mowers and fixes them then sells them. He sold me an old 3' plow off a garden tractor for $50 and I took it to the welder for some customizing. I'm going to check on it tomorrow.
I have a scag 14hp with a 44'' blade.I just got back from snow plowing just now!RAD makes the blades,blowers and throwers for scag,exmark,bob-cat as well as walker mowers.I suggest you call bob-cat and get it through them.

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