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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by powerjoke, Feb 19, 2008.

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    this year has been slow and i am thinking of trying to get my wal-mart converted to seasonal

    i have no seasonal acct's so not really sure how to aproach them about it or what number's to use

    we get an avg of 24" in little 4-6 inch snows and the occasional 12" (not often) and last year we had a 22" thunder snow in 5hrs

    so my Q' to you is: what number's would be a good starting point (ie. what do you plow for) and what is some need to know info.

    i know you'll need more info to answer the Q' so just bring on you're Q's

    if you don't feel comfortable posting youre prices(i would'nt either) just pm me. i am in clinton MO and are of no threat to anyone outside of my area

    thanks in advance

  2. JD Dave

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    You could start by getting them to at least guarantee hours and divide them by 5 months. So at least you get a little money every month. Talk to them and tell them you can't afford to have special equipment and man power sitting around for nothing.
  3. kcplowmata

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    take the last three years of plowing and add them up and divide by three see what you get and see if you are happy with that amount of plows. The same goes for salting. If they want pretreat or refreeze service than add that amount too. Break it down over 5 months of payments or how ever you want paid. The larger the account the more time you spread out the payments. Looks better for them. Most walmarts get plowed for 700 to 1400 depending on size. Probaly 2 to 4 tons salt on a normal event depending on size too. Walks im not even gonna say cause im no walks guy.Dont under cut your price either for a seasonal. Most the time they make out good on it anyways. If a guy bids seasonals right they are the way to go. Id like to have a 60/40 split.
  4. Jay brown

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    remember the guy referded to on here that was charging $60k on a wal mart in the KC area? that was just for snow!
  5. kcplowmata

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    I know guys who get 60k for a walmart and get more to put them on top of the list. To bad some people cant bid and get good prices. If you look at this winter 60 k would be pretty darn fair for walmarts side of the deal. I never said 60 for just snow either .
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  6. bobcatboy06

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    Here we have a Wal Mart plaza with other stores besides just wal mart and I know that it is going for well over 100k per season, its probably the biggest account in our area.
  7. Mark Witcher

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    Is there anyone here who is getting $100,000 for a Walmart? Speak up. I have been servicing a large Walmart super center for 10 years now and Im not even close to $100,000 per season.
  8. kcplowmata

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    i figured 60k on the high end. never bid one myself or seen numbers on paper.
  9. BREAULT69

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    My 1099 from last year was $20k , snow removal, sidewalks and de-icer on partial lot. Plowed 5 times.
  10. hotshot4819

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    85 k year round.
  11. Kennedy81

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    mind I ask what services are provided with that? Plowing/Salting/Sweeping/Mowing/Landscape?
  12. KGRlandscapeing

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    the walmart out by me has two giant like 16ft maybe 18ft pushers and drving a cross the trail of one of those is like being on a wake board. looks like fin to be able to move that much snow in one swipe thou
  13. Jello1

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    Plus, keep note of people's locations when it comes to price. Here in Northeastern PA. You'd go broke at $20,000 a year. With alot higher snow totals than most of PA. With higher elevations. Right now, we've had 6-8" since 6am. The one up the street from me is a full size supercenter and i've seen them clearing the lot at least 10 -15 times this season so far. Even on 1.5" their clearing it bare. They got a big Cat 968 dozer with a 16 or 18' pusher and probaly 3 -4 1 ton dumps or f-350 pick-ups on site each most with spreaders. When the lot isn't bare, there's always at least one piece of equipment moving snow etc. Augello excavating seems to be the contractor. Pretty big operation around here.
    They also do the Home depot next door.
  14. Brian Young

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    Seasonal contracts are a gamble either way. 3 of our accounts are seasonal and so far its worked out to be almost even so no one won or lost, which is the way it should be I guess. Maybe instead of a seasonal contract (if they dont want one) offer a retainer fee that would cover the cost of equipment and materials you have, (salt stock piled on site).
  15. kandklandscape0

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    bobcatboy, he is getting only around 75k for that. we bid on that when they first opened and we bid 125k and b and h gave a bid at 65k im sure they upped it these past few years. i would deff have to say the galleria is way much bigger then the richland town centre though?
  16. kandklandscape0

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    also our local walmart is in a plaza, which is managed by a property management company. walmart does not pay them, the owners pay the property management company, and then property management pays you.
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