Wages for Christmas day.


Toronto Canada
Calling for 5-10 cm tonight & through the day tomorrow so will likely be working Chrismas day. Unfortunately this means I will have to put the bottle away soon.

Wondering what anyone paid employees for working Christmas. I told 2 guys $35 CND. (Cash) per hr., which is app. time & a half.
I pay all my guys a seasonal salary,even sidewalk guys.Most of our routes are booked at 100 hrs a season,per truck.Guys get a seasonal rate,up to the 100 hrs after which they get hourly.We have only gone over once.Makes it easier for me to budget,guys get a paycheck every two weeks,and they are much happier and willing to come in when needed.They also don't mind doing pre-snow checks and after storm repairs\maintenance as they are getting paid.There may be a cash bonus if we require them on christmas day or new years for a big storm,and they are out for long hours.Most of our guys get $2000.00 - $3000.00 a season,and the odd bonus for extra work,long shifts etc.We also let them do a few cash jobs on the way back,again,keep em happy and they will repay you tenfold.

Chief Plow

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upstate new york
My guys will be making $100. an hr today ( Double time ), because of the Holiday. If we plow after midnight tonight, then we go back to straight time. Have a great Holiday. It looks like most of us in the northeast will be white......


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