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VX85 Problem

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by gtree, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. gtree

    gtree Junior Member
    Messages: 11

    History: I blew the driver's side angle hose on the second snowfall; was backing up slowly and clipped an outbudding retaining wall timber along a drive. The hose blew in the center, where I find it was pinched up underneath the bumper. Replaced the hose with a much better one (rubber, not fabric). Plowed another 6 hours, no problem. Next day resumed plowing (temperature went from 25 to 0 overnight.) Everything moved very slow initially, then not at all. Finally gave up and grabbed my spare plow, a straight blade western.
    While fixing it the next day, found a bushing on the pass. side angle 1 1/2 turns loose, the o ring on the tank blown, and a valve mushroomed.
    Dealer said I hit something too hard. I asked about relief valves, but didn't receive an answer on why they wouldn't work. He admitted that the angle hoses are too long to begin with.
    Since replacing the tank and valve, the plow eventually stops working after about 12 hours of plowing. I have cleaned a non-metallic substance from the screen inside the tank 3 times (a 2 hour fix).
    I brought the dr. side ram to the dealer today to see if it is the cause of the fluid contamination and the screen plugging up.
    My questions: Anyone have this happen to them? Wouldn't a properly working relief valve not cause a blow out from a "hit"? I contend the overly long hose pinched and didn't allow the releif valve to work. I also contend the loose bushing allowed debris and water in the system, causing problems the next cold morning.
    I have spent over $500 on parts an labor on a 1 year old plow, and am seriously considering dumping it and going for something more durable.
  2. ECCO

    ECCO Junior Member
    Messages: 3

    I had a valve body junk out on a vx95 it was only 6 hours old replaced and no problems thus far.