vibration in 02 2500HD Chevy

bubble boy

north Toronto
this happens over 120km/hr (about 65mph?)

engine vibrates-you feel and hear it. if i accelerate thru to say 130 km/hr, still vibrates. when i let up on the throttle anywhere over 120 km/hr, and then reapply to hold speed, vibrating stops. so in other words i can hold speed at say 125 km/hr, but accerating thru 120km/hr is a problem.

dealer has no answer, gm says they'll get back to me. the dealer told me (believe it or not) that they tested 2 similar trucks (2002)and had the same problem, and tested a yukon and had the same problem.

anyone with the 2002's have this happen? any ideas why?


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Bubble Boy,

What is your configuration?
Regular Cab:
Extended Cab: Long or Short Bed
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Is your rear driveshaft a one or two piece.

If its a two piece, then that is most likely your problem. The center carrier bearing gets "loaded" and remains in a "non-centered" position making the driveline technically out of line. I had this same problem on my '90 since new. Just blip throttle and it smoothes out!

Dont know what to say, other than some 2 piece rear driveshafts were being replaced with single huge aluminum shafts thus eliminating this center pilot bearing and crossmember.

bubble boy

north Toronto
was hoping someone could tell me if my prob was dangerous???

and how much $ to replace a drive shaft, if that is the prob?

grateful for any input:cool: