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St. Louis
Does anyone out there have a vette? After driving around with the trailer all the time I think i would like something that would just flat out fly.

What kind of insurance costs do you have? any tickets/accidents.

gas mileage?

Got to love them Chevy's.
I have a 99 Z71 ext. cab LS

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I dont,but one of my best friends does,if i feel the need I can go hop in his 98 C-5 and go for a ride.Man that thing rocks for an automatic,it feels especially fast after driving my 3/4 ton pickup towing all day.


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I don't have one, but my dad has two: a 68 and a 79 both are great cars but if your worried about gas mileage your looking at the wrong car.. he is lucky to get 8MPG on the highway and maybe 6 in town... insurance on the older ones is pretty cheap cause depending on where you live you are not likely to drive it all year round and can get away with storage insurance through the winter months which normally runs about 15 dollars for six months.. so mixed in with the outrageous amounts you pay for the rest of the year its not too alfully bad.. hope that helps a little...

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I know it is not a Vette, but....

What about a Mustang GT? They are inexpensive compared to a Vette and have potential that is unbelievable...

Or... Get a bike! They are inexpensive, go fast, get 40+ MPG and chicks dig'em! Nothing compares to the feeling of freedom that comes with a bike...

May Harley is the best therapy I ever paid for!



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Now I can talk Mustangs :) I currently have two older ones, an 87 LX 5.0 Hatch and and 88 LX 5.0 Coupe. They are money pits, stay away from them :D Once you start modifying them you cant stop. Both of mine are torn apart right now, I am working on the roll cage for the coupe right now.

I am thinking about buying a 01 GT and I'm gonna try not to tear it apart :)

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