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Vermont Valentine's Day Blizzard

Discussion in 'Storm Pictures' started by jabbahop, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. jabbahop

    jabbahop Junior Member
    from vermont
    Messages: 13

    Our first big storm in two years and it kicked my butt. We got about 20 inches by about 6pm on the 14th and then another 14 inches by day break.


    I hadn't pushed the banks back far enough so I didn't have any place to put the additional snow on our 1500 foot driveway with with an average grade of 15%. Brutal.


  2. Kramer

    Kramer Senior Member
    Messages: 386

    I envy you!!

    I cleared our 4" of heavy snow in Western Mass. I think everyone was so excited about a big storm that when we ended up with this ice ball, everyone really took it hard too. If we saw a 12" storm then it would be OK...a lot of people got just about nothing.

    I love that Bobcat (toolcat?) of yours. How does it plow the deep stuff??? Would you say its as good as a pickup?

    If you have a 1500 ft drive and you got 40" of snow, you must be one tired puppy! :p
  3. jabbahop

    jabbahop Junior Member
    from vermont
    Messages: 13


    I am a toolcat newby and this is the first real snow so take this with a grain of salt.

    I have the standard tires and they don't grib great when really cold - I have chains on order and that should make a big difference. It seems to push pretty well and the joystick controls are great. The big difference is you can't get the momentum with the Toolcat that you can with a pickup. On the other hand I am not sure I want too much momentum on my driveway or I'd end up over the bank!

    The big problem on the deep stuff was I didn't create enough room to move the extra snow so it just fell back under the rig. Not sure a pickup would do any better though given how long this sucker is but maybe that is my inexperience and one of the old hands has a tecnique to handle these snows.

    One thing I learned is ALWAYS keep extra diesel around when one of these storms is aimed at you. I put a bunch of hours on the past two days and was running on fumes by the end.
  4. SuperDutyFisher

    SuperDutyFisher Member
    Messages: 58

    Vermont snow is awesome, you really got slammed. Nice Toolcatwesport