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Vendors - need to purchase items

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by forbidden, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. forbidden

    forbidden Senior Member
    Messages: 392

    Moderators, my first post. I did not see a general section to ask questions to all the vendors on the site and to post to every vendor would just plain be not a good idea. If this is in the wrong area please move it.

    I have purchased a lawncare / snow removal business as of 2010-08-01. I am in the market for some new equipment. As most people are limited with time right now, I am no different. Here it is laid out easy for you. What I need is some guidance and pricing / availability.

    1) I am in Canada and want to purchase from a Authorized US dealer that is close to Alberta or will ship to just south of Alberta.
    2) I am fully aware that there is no warranty on the items here in Canada and that in the event of a warranty claim I am headed back to you.
    3) I have been in retail as a business owner for 20 years, don't try and "snow" me, it will not work. The force is strong in this one.
    4) I am not new to snow removal, I am new to the Calgary market and the demands and opportunities that it has.

    Equipment list.

    1989 GMC 3500 2wd dually dumpbox propane. Time for it to be retired.
    1992 GMC 1500 4x4 reg cab longbox. 551000km's = time to go to the old chevy home in the sky.
    2007 F250 CC 4x4 shortbox gas. Ready to be equipped.
    2008 F350 CC 4x4 longbox diesel. Blizzard Powerplow.
    Bobcat 463 with snow bucket and sweeper.
    Bobcat S160 with snow bucket.
    Gravely walk behind sweeper.
    An army of shovels and ice chippers.
    Stihl 420 Backpak blowers.
    Three great employees, looking for more.
    One great stepson who is learning the ropes.
    One amazing wife who came out to help us for 5 days and now understands what we do and why we need things.

    What I need this season.

    1 - power angle sweeper for Bobcat S160.
    1 - electrical controls kit (7 pin attachment) for Bobcat S160.

    What I need info on in order to make a educated and informed buying decision.

    1) Air suspension for both trucks. My Blizzard plow really pulls down the front end of the F350. I am summising that our F250 will be even worse. The F350 has a levelling block kit up front and it greatly helped out but I still drop about 2" on the front end, or closer to 6" at the plow.

    2) Spreading unit. One for this year in the F350, another for next year in the F250. This will be an almost immediate purchase as I am done with my guys throwing gravel out the back of my truck. Not exactly the curb appeal I am looking for, nor do I want my employees to get injured.

    - I haul a trailer many days of the week, I need to know what the best option for me is going to be. Standalone spreader or dumpbox with add on spreader?

    - Do the standalone units have easily removeable rear sections to allow me to access the trailer hitch easily with minimal amount of time and tools?

    - a dump box intrigues me as it would be a asset used year round vs. a standalone box type spreader that is an asset that is going to sit and cost me money for over half the year.

    - the spreader will be used primarily with 7mm - 10mm gravel with salt mixed into it (pickle mix).

    - temperatures here regularily hit -40 C and gravel has proven to be ideal in the commercial areas we deal with. It also guarantees some spring clean up work and then if there is down time, clean it, remix it and it is ready for next season.

    If you are a individual in the snow removal industry and have insight that I need to be aware of, post it.