V-Plows who has the best one

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    Hi this site is great wish I found it a lot sooner!!

    Any ways I am hearing lots of talk about v-plows, but here where I live no one is using them just staight blades.

    I plow an 18 mile stretch of loging road to our lodge and my tuck wock like mad going up and down those hiles. With my straight blade I have to keep the speed up prity high and chain all four with a 1000lbs in the back to boot. It is quite a show (all four spinging like made with the truck going sideways for 18miles). If I took it any easier the truck wouldn't move.

    A v-plow sounds like it would make the job a little easer for the initial break through.

    Since no one here uses them, what would be recomended they all seem to have little differences

    some use a chain to lift (western) others use a pessure system to lift and lower(lobo plows)

    any input on this subject would be highly greatfull!!

    Thank you
  2. plowking35

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    They all work pretty well, dealer support is more important than anything else IMO. I personally own two western v plows. IF you are plowing gravel roads, get a urethane edge, it will be much kinder to the truck.
  3. GeoffD

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    Fisher V-Plow hands down. Simply the best V-Plow on the market from east to west

  4. Stephen

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    i also have to agree with the fisher v. I own one and my dad liked them so much he just bought two, a 8.5 and a 9.5. i hve also tried out the myers v-plow from a dealer at no cost for atleast a month while my plow was on order last year for my new truck and it doesn't even come close to the fishers. Boss also seems to make a good v-plow but i have never run one. personally i like the trip edge much more than the whole blade tripping but that is just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions.