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v-plow vs speedwing

Discussion in 'Blizzard Plows Discussion' started by Bowtytek, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. Bowtytek

    Bowtytek Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 46

    :help:I am looking at a new plow next year and have been looking at v-plows. Upon checking the Blizzard site, noticed no v, but the speedwing. What are your opinions? Currently using a convetional Diamond plow (ssssllllloooowwww compared to what I see from the speed of current plows:sleeping:) What is a rough estimate on the 7'6 speedwing? Thanks for any info.:salute: Hope the snow continues falling like is has.purplebou
  2. abbert55

    abbert55 Senior Member
    Messages: 170

    The biggest problem with a Vee is their weight issue and the fact you still can't keep the snow from trailing off the edge when windrowing. The other issue is when in scoop position full of snow and you need to turn.... you have no way of steering them around the corner. I have been plowing since 1975 and with a Meyer ST-7.5 (1975 model:angel:)and added pro wings 11 years ago, and just bought an 860 Speedwing this year. The reasons I chose Blizzard was the quick hitch and the built in wings. I had looked at the 810 but decided that there was too much going on in the hydraulic dept. If you have never plowed with wings, be in for a real treat as to the time it takes to finish a job. No or very little trailoff. When you are used to the wings you too will look for other plow operators and see if they have earned their wings.:salute:
    Hope this helps, Al
  3. magnatrac

    magnatrac PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,059

    If you looking at a v plow I would guess your going to put it on more than a half ton truck. If so you need to look at the 860 sw not the 760sw. The 760 is for half ton trucks and alot lighter then any v plow I know of. I use a 860 sw and love it. I never plow snow so deep that a v plow plow is needed. How ever I do need to move snow to where it can be stacked out of the way and I think we all know a blizzard is great fo that!!! I plowed 15" on new years day and had no problem breaking through with my sw. To answer your question though I would probably rather have a 760 sw vs. a v plow for my applications. As far as price I don't know ,but my 860 sw was $4500 installed It was cheaper than my friends standard 8' fisher.
    Good Luck!!!
  4. plowking35

    plowking35 2000 Club Member
    from SE CT
    Messages: 2,923

    Same route
    we switched from a 8.5' MVP to a an 860 SW and took 30% time off the route. I think for the money the SW is the best bargain out there. Light weight, fast hydros, easy on off, moves alot of snow in a short amount of time.
    Only con is back dragging, hard to do with out the wings pinned back.
  5. MuskokaDon

    MuskokaDon Member
    Messages: 80

    1 vote for the SW
    I agree 100% go for the 860 over the 760.. i paid $4050 installed (In MI) for mine
  6. TurfSolutionsMN

    TurfSolutionsMN Senior Member
    from MN
    Messages: 302

    I can't believe the prices on the 860SW. I just went and looked at them at a dealer, who also runs a plowing business. He would sell me one that was a year old for $4850 installed. Is the price way to high??
  7. abbert55

    abbert55 Senior Member
    Messages: 170

    I just paid $3950.00 FOR THE 860 SW (brand new)
    $250.00 Shipping (if ordered in season Blizzard will ship free via their truck)
    $100.00 Dealer install (worth every penny if problems arise later)
    $50.00 out of season charge (Blizzard Christmas fund? LOL)
    D&G Equipment, Mason MI. Dealer did a stellar job with install, and resolved a problem in record time. (See broken light tower thread)You might take this to your dealer and use it to get a little better price. If he won't deal.... go with another dealer. The Blizzard website has a dealer directory. Thats what I did. Hope this is helpful, Al
  8. mulcahy mowing

    mulcahy mowing Senior Member
    Messages: 718

    speedwing 100% go with the 860

    I paid $3800 for my 760 installed great plow! you will be very happy with itwesport
  9. MuskokaDon

    MuskokaDon Member
    Messages: 80

    I got mine this season at D&G also... $4050 installed out the door.. great guys there.
  10. Bowtytek

    Bowtytek Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 46

    "The other issue is when in scoop position full of snow and you need to turn.... you have no way of steering them around the corner."

    Could some one explain this a little more in depth please? would this like having my straight blade angled and steering the truck in the same direction as the angle?

    Magnatrac, actually looking to put a small v on a shorty half ton. Weight is a consideration for carrying as well as back dragging. The SW became a consideration when I saw the light weight (good for carrying, shouldn't hurt front end as much). How does it backdrag as far as downpressure?

    Thanks for the replies and advise folks. Glad to see all the positive about the SW. Will consider all thoughts when setting up and purchasing that next rig (hopefully over the summer) Maybe by then, I will have had my teenage son show me how to post pics and will have some to show off.
  11. Kevin Kendrick

    Kevin Kendrick Senior Member
    Messages: 397

    Are you saying that the dealer ASSEMBLED and INSTALLED your plow (wiring, undercarriage, and headlight adaptors) for $100? A typical new install with all mentioned takes about 6 hours. That is what our shop charges.
  12. MuskokaDon

    MuskokaDon Member
    Messages: 80

    I know it sounds cheap... but that's what they charge for a full install. Took 5hrs on my GMC 2500.
  13. Kevin Kendrick

    Kevin Kendrick Senior Member
    Messages: 397

    Take it and run with it...run really fast. We would be out of business if we did that. The only thing I can think of is that their labor rate is really low, and they have one guy that all he does is new installs.
  14. CTJ

    CTJ Junior Member
    Messages: 15

    I got a quote of $5500.00 for a 860SW installed. Guess I need to shop around a little more.
  15. v-plower

    v-plower Senior Member
    Messages: 118

    I use a 8'.6" V-plow because I have to. Either a V or a much smaller plow would be needed as I plow banks and the drive ups are narrow and at 2 branches they snake around so with a straight blade it would be really tough.
    So if you will be plowing in some tight spots a V is a good idea.

    "The other issue is when in scoop position full of snow and you need to turn.... you have no way of steering them around the corner."

    When you have it in full scoop and you turn you cannot angle the plow. Imagine not being able to angle your plow and plowing a big pile around a corner. You would lose have your pile.
    I don't plow in scoop often. Just use it to stack and also to clean up wind rows etc.
    With my Super-V as I go around a corner pushing snow I just angle the outside side of the plow (if turning left I angle the right side of the plow). This helps to keep the snow on the plow. I use this A LOT as the banks are all pretty tight.
    Also where I plow there are limited areas to stack snow. With the V plow in scoop I can stack very high. Much higher than with my straight blades.

    If you are not plowing tight areas I would go with the SW. When I plow my own parking lot which is huge I use a 9' straight blade on my dump as it moves more snow faster.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2008