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This question is for all you existing V plow owners or drivers. Someone told me he knows a guy with a v plow on his 4x2 truck and he said he plows through snow like butter. Is there any truth to this? If so I might be apt to get v plow on my truck.


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One day I was finishing up my route and I had a 1/8 mile driveway to do, all packed gravel with 2 inches of packed snow covered by 4 inches of heavy wet snow. I forgot to switch to 4WD. Plowed that driveway no problem. Power Vee plows are incredible. I can't imagine going back to a straight plow. I can't believe I ever OWNED one of those things. The guys on this site will definetly steer you in the right direction.


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Not advisable. You will never push snow in the scoop position with a two wheel drive. You might get through it in the "V" position however it is not a commonly used position with these plows unless your trying to get through really deep stuff. Im not saying some have not plowed without engaging the 4 wheel drive, just saying you will kick yourself if you buy one and put it on a two wheel drive. The only two wheel drives they should go on are duallies with weight in the back.



I am usually in 4x4 when the snow is packed. If when plowing (especially wet snow) and the pavement is "black and wet", I will stay in 2 wheel. My truck is pretty big and it makes it easier to maneuver.

I think if you were plowing mainly on level ground, you wouldn't have any probs with a 4x2 as long as you have enough wieght and good tires. Some of my contracts are very hilly and I am pushing large amounts of snow uphill. Next time I will try in 2 wheel and let you know.

I usually only raise the plow in scoop when I'm stacking so the wieght of the plow is riding up the snow pile. If cleaning up windrows in scoop, as I approach the end of the run, I move the plow to straight position and then raise it.

Everything depends on the amount of snow you are dealing with. But to answer your question, it is no harder on the truck in scoop than straight or V while pushing snow. But lifting it in scoop puts alot of wieght on the front end. The plow wieghs 880 lbs. already. Lifting it in scoop puts alot of that wieght further away from the axle so I wouldn't do it all the time.



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Went out Monday nite to plow this slush and ice and was forced to use 2wd so I could turn on the bare pavement. I would then use 2wd until I had to back up and it would just spin. I only had 1200 lbs of salt in the bed so maybe I just needed more. However, I cant see plowing snow with any type plow with a 2WD truck. Yes, when scooping, you are pushing more snow and therefore have more resistance than if you were angling to the side, so it seems heavier. Most 3/4 T trucks should have no problem with this though. Like Dockboy said, the stacking is great! My cutting edge is 40 inches off the ground in the scoop position fully raised! Thats 6 feet to the deflector and I have stacked up at least 10 foot piles. The scoop position is used 70% of the time with angle used 28% and only about 2% in the V position. But, when punching through drifts, nothing beats the V position!

P.S. Get those lights hooked up yet?

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