V-plow hydrolics?


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I never realized why when talking about Back-Draging the wings on the boss would fold to the v position. Always thought these plows used double acting cylinders. I guess Boss just uses single acting cyinders that have spring presure on them for retracting back(is that so). This just makes what I thought to be some compicated hydrolic plumbing a whole lot simpler. If this is how the wings operate then Boss should have that locking cylinder option included in there set up. I personally thing $500 is a little steep for this option when you already have cylinders to start with.

How does western move it's wings on the MVP are the cylinders singe or double acting also do their wings lock for back-draging or do they also sell a locking product?

I know I ask lots of questions but this Forum is great for getting the real facts.


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The western MVP and Fisher EZ-V are almost the exact same thing. There is the different paint color, different hydro pump and a different light system between the two brands.

The Western MVP and Fisher EZ-V use double acting cylinders.



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Every MVP plow comes standard with rubber snow deflectors, top gap
deflector and bottom gap wiper. Add the FloStat® Hydraulic System — a
state of the art power source that allows you to hydraulically lock the blade
wings to act as one, along with Double Acting Cylinders for clean, efficient
back-dragging and it's easy to see why the MVP snowplow provides the
professional with the ultimate in plowing efficiency.

This was on westerns site when reading it, does it mean the FLostate system come with the MVP or is it an additional option. The wording can be taken two ways..


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No it comes standard. In fact all plows now use this hydro unit, at least with fisher , and I believe western as well.



I just bought a Western 8 1/2 MVP. It comes standard with the FloStat and double acting cylinders.

It is the exact same pump thats on the Fisher EZ-V.

Hi Chataway - It's been a few years since I wuz in Van. I used to live in Hazelton, near Smithers, where I was responsible for much of the logging you can see when driving along Highway 16. The time of my life!!

To yore question on this fine Christmas day. Yup, Geoff and Dino are right, and they each run the versions of Fisher and Western they speak of. Good plows I suppose. We have been at the sport for 20 years and have settled with Boss. We use the 8'2" version enjoy our good dealer support that comes with our dealer.

As far as the $500 option cost for the smart lock cly., I can't comment on that. Our plows are spec'ed with the smart locks and the touch pad as standard, and we figure those work OK for us. The smart locks have worked very well. In fact, last year, we hooked a plow shoe over a piece of 6 x 6 on the first snowfall while back blading, and the cylinder held so well, we ripped the plow shoe in half. No complains. (Warrantee too) One half gizzillion driveways to their credit. Stickers do not stick worth a ..... however: they seem to eject at the first sign of hard work. Single-acting with smart locks cuts our parts inventory, but I suppose that Western/Fisher uses the same hoses times 4, so that point is mute.

If you are fishing here for justification for either a Fisher/Western or Boss, get a coin from your your pocket, mark dealer support on one side, and distance to the dealer on the other. That way, you can't go wrong.

BTW, you quoted earlier what a Boss would cost you in BC. Post the cost again, please, in good old beaver bucks, and I will give you an idea of the shafting you will take in your relatively smaller dealer marker.

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