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Hello I was just wondering if any one knew how to intall the deflecter for the Boss 9.2 v-plow?
I have just installed the plow and all went fine, but the defecter must be something they make inhouse, and there is no instructions provided. I have two long pieces of rubber for each side with an angle on one end of them. Then a small peice for the center, and also two peices of flat bar. There was no instructions and I was expecting a boss deflecer that most likely would of had some sort of diagram. Do the two peices with the anges on them point in or out , and how do you intall the center peice.
I would appreciate any reply to this stupid question.
If you installed the plow yourself, are you going to let a little piece of rubber kick yor @ss. Look at a picture, figure it out. Make a sandwich with the pieces. Plow, rubber, flat metal and your nuts go on the bolts.
The Angle pieces go to the inside

[_______> <_______]

and the other rubber goes on top in the center.

And remember, "Keep you stick on the ice!"


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I have looked at a few pictures on the internet, but they are to far to see clearly.

Does the long side of the tapper on the belt bolt to the plow or the shorter side. It just looks like there would be a binding problem in the center, and a opening is left on the back side of the short middle peice at the hinge. wouldn''t this just shoot snow right through expecially when in the scoop position.

=======/ \======= or ======\ /=======

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I made one for my 9'2",boss wanted 240 bucks for there's.I made mine for less than 20 bucks,and it looks just as good,just doesnt say Boss on it.I made a loose flap for the center of it,,it is tight in the v position,and has a loop in it,when straight or scooped.

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