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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by River Hill, Oct 2, 2000.

  1. River Hill

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    I am looking to purchase my first plow and thinking of a V-Plow. For those of you with V-Plows, which one on the market do you think is the best and why? I will also be looking for a Spreader, not a full box spreader. What models would you look at and why? I want to do the correct from the start so any advice would help. I don't want to buy all this new equipment and say I should of bought _____.

    Also how do V-Plows do if you need to do some back-dragging?

    Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. diggerman

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    It will be alot quicker if you start by doing a search for this on this site, in many way this question has been answered before.
  3. OP
    River Hill

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    I searched before I posted. Fisher, Meyers, and Boss seemed to be talked about the most, but still looking for more input.
  4. Alan

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    Well,, from what I know any Vee with single acting wing cylinders won't backdrag worth beans. As soon as you load up the wings they will fold forward. I don't know who else uses double acting wing cylinders, but Sno-Way does and offers hydraulic down pressure as well. We just bought a Sno-Way Vee to add to our plow fleet. We've been running Sno-Way straight blades for years now and they seem about as good as any.
  5. iowastorm

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    Alan's right; the V's don't back drag worth a crap. But for regular plowing, they're the best. Boss is our plow of choice, for reasons listed in past posts. As far as a sander, I would highly recommend an insert v box, because it will hold more material and it will slide in and out easily (if you have a hoist or skid loader to insert/remove it) We do use several tailgage hopper spreaders, but they all have problems in one way or another. Most of all some of them seem to leak material and that will keep you from going from job to job with material in the hopper. I know other guys will say they've had better luck, but I know a few have had to do some maintenance on the units to get them to work properly. My feeling is that when you spend good money on anything, it should work the first time with no hassles. Good luck
  6. John Allin

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    Boss. I've got 9 of them, plus about a dozen subs with Boss Vee's.

    However, Fisher's model is nice with the double acting cylinders. Better for backdragging.

    My opinion only........
  7. nsmilligan

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    Go with the Fisher. Mine are 3 seasons old no major problems. Back drag great, plus Fisher's trip edge allows one side of the plow to trip ie manhole cover or such. USE Fisher or Meyers Plow fluid or it will slow the plow down, and add addition load to the electrics in cold weather. I have the rubber snow deflectors on mine. Hint mount the metal strip upside down from what Fisher shows, tha way it still deflects snow but when plowing heavy snow especially in the scoop position it asts like a 6" extension on top of the plow, and it will roll and carry a lot of snow.
    As for a spreader again look at the Fisher low profile hoppers. They carry about 600lbs of salt are easy to see over when backing up, and are availible with a receiver hitch mount. Real easy to mount and unmount, and no holes in the truck!
  8. mckaylawnboy

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    Boss all the way!

    I have 3 Boss "V"'s and love them. My newest is 2 years old and it has 2 way cylinders on it for back dragin' I thought all the new ones did! Anyways they are great plows. You will not be unhappy with them!
  9. Doug406

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    Boss POLY!
  10. GeoffD

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    We can argue brands back in forth all day long. However i will admit that, boss, fisher, western, all make good v-plows. I haven't heard anything good about meyer, or hinker. I believe that a trip edge performs better on a v-plow and am partial to that. However i would look at boss, fisher, and wester, see what is avaible in your area, and see how good the dealer is.

    If the product is avaible, for instance there aren't many boss or western dealers near me, so i would look at those. However there are many fisher dealers, and i go to the one that is a little further but provides better support.

    I think you will be in good shape with boss, wester, or fisher v-plows. For streight blade go with diamond, but thats just me. Only look at dealer support and avaiblity too, sometimes that is the biggest decision maker.

  11. John Allin

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    For what it's worth - Goeff is right about the dealer support. For sure, if the Boss dealer here was garbage, I'd have a Fisher.
  12. plowking35

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    From what I have heard hiniker plows are weak to say the least. A member here has one and wont buy another.
    I have fisher and western v plows and like them both. In fact my western dealer used to sell boss, but dropped them because now he can carry one line of plows.The boss plows are great, but rough on the truck.
    IMO any v plow is better than a straight plow.
    Tailgate spreaders are easy, get a two stage. Western and fisher, plus airflow make units that have belt or that brings the material to the spinner, instaed of gravity. That way if the material is wet, it will still work well.