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The question was asked to me by one of our workers - would an 8' V-Box spreader work in the back of our shortbed trucks(beds are 6'6")? Now currently we run all tailgate spreaders - most of our trucks are shortbed. I got to thinking, if I built up the rear bumper with extra support and put a deck over it (kinda like a sheet of 1" plywood or sheet steel) or even 4x4 runners, would it work ? :confused: So here is my question for all to answer - is it possible? Any comments are welcome.


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Could you mount it? Yes. Would it work? Yes.

However that would be way too much weight out past the rear axle IMO. It would be like hooking a trailer with really heavy tongue weight to the truck. I don't think the rear suspension or frame would hold up.

Why not just pick up a 6-7 foot spreaders that many companies offer? Ice-O-Way, Boss, Sno-way and others make spreaders for shorter beds of small trucks and the new fullsize supercabs.


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I have no intention of trying this, it was a question posed to me and I thought this would be a good place to get some different points of view and responses. With the way we operate now, V-Box is not practical, by the time we get blowers and push spreaders in the trucks along with everything else....


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Check out Sno-way they just came out with a 6' v box spreader with a vibrator and it is priced reasonably.

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