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    We just switched our v box spinners from 12&quot; 3 vein steel to 14&quot; 6 vein urethane. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. The spread pattern is much more even,and no longer drops clumps behind the truck. It is a dual directional spinner, and only took about an hour to install. Cost was less than 60$ and I fell it was well worth it. Has anyone else tried one.<br>They are standard on bigger spreaders and I can see why.<br>Another benifit on urethane edges, when pushing up to a curb, dont worry about lifting the blade, just push right up and over it.<br>Geoff that is why the pusher doesnt scrape well, the rubber edge is designed to allow you to ride over curbs and not tear them out. Ask for the dealer to install a urethane edge, it will scrape much better, and still have the tripping action.<br>We also have the urethane center flap replacements for the v plows. One piece design, so no need to worry about heavy snow pushing through the flaps.<br>Dino <p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment www.sima.org
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    I think the pusher's biggest problem was a lot of the snow had been packed down. The blade would scrape it fine. I bet if the lot hadn't been driven on the pusher would have done the job great. I think the pusher and the plow will work great to clear the lot.<p>Geoff
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    dino<br>can you list the info on the urethane center flap & cutting edge for the &quot;v&quot; i would like to look into it .about how much and were to get it. thanks<p>----------<br>Todd <br>
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    Todd<br>I got my center flap last night. they are pretty neat in design.They look like a T, and will bend to the curve that the plow puts on it. My guess is that they will cost about 30$<br>The cutting edge is another story, they will make a single piece, and you will have to cut the edge to fit. I installed mine on Sat in about an hour and a half.<br>I would suggest a 9' long, 1.5&quot; thick and about 7-8&quot; tall. You will need a steel edge to bolt over it for a washer type retainer.<br>The cost should be in the 185$ range and you can order one through me.<br>It will last at least 2x the amount a steel edge will, and you can cut it with a skill saw and a combination carbide blade. I also can cut it for you so that the angles will match in the center. However I used the angle of the steel edge as a pattern with a 15 degree back angle.<br>I was very impressd with the edge I installed. I liked the fact that i could just plow right up to a curb and go right over it, with out the worry of tearing up the curb or shock to the truck. I also left the end of the blade 3&quot; past the plow and that acts as a curb protector.I had that blade bent back around the edge of the plow 180 degrees and when the pressure was off it just popped right back into postion.<br>Dino <br><p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment www.sima.org