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V box salter thoughts (suggestions) 3/4 ton truck

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Earth-Worx, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Earth-Worx

    Earth-Worx Junior Member
    Messages: 1

    Hey guys, I've been at the plow game for a few years now and up until now, my little fisher 1000 has treated me pretty darn good! I easily run bulk through it with a vibrator and would recommend it for anyone looking after small lots. However I have take on a bigger client and now getting out 4-5 times to load the salter isn't so fun. Hence the need to upgrade..

    My 2 main considerations are the western striker vs the tornado. I have a good relationship with the dealer and it will match my MVP 3 nice Thumbs Up I am open to other brands but really hoping to hear from owners of the mentioned salters. It will be going on a gmc 2500 short box and some considerations I have are stainless vs poly, the need for a vibrator and the need for a lid.. The tornado has a well designed lid while the striker has nothing.. That means dumping bulk salt into the unit with the bottom being covered in snow from what has already fallen that morning.. Something I don't like the sounds of. So curious if that is asking for trouble? The striker has a nicer controller with aux buttons ready to control strobes and also has a control to feed out salt without spreading for pails, sidewalks etc.. Which isn't a major concern for my but still handy.

    Another question: my "priority" client is a good hour drive for me.. Far I know but they pay well. If I got salt from my preferred supplier close to home and drove say 45 min, would the salt be packed so tight it wouldn't even move the conveyor? Or smoke the motor eventually..? I can get it closer to site but just looking for opinions.. Mainly on those 2 salters!


  2. Flawless440

    Flawless440 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,543

    I have Boss VBX, Swenson poly hawk, and a Tornado

    The western has fired up each year with no issues.. The others gave me crap. The western throws the salt super far. Don't like how big and bulky it is leaving no room in ur bed for bags, bucket, shovels. Exposed small wiring I have had to splice already.
    The Swenson was more $$ and I feel will out live the others. Better built, nice cables and connectors. Doesn't come with a lid which it needs to keep drag chains in better condition.
    The boss is great, holds same amount of salt and can fit in a 6.5 ft bed..
    Leaving u lots of room in a 8 ft bed
  3. Hysert

    Hysert PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,676

    We have had 3 tornados Gen 2s over the years.. I have a 1.5 in the pickup and a 2.5 on the dump.. inverted V's in both and a vibrator on the 2.5.. they have been great for me!! With the V in it you shouldn't have a issue with the travel and it packing it. The lids is a great option!! I have often left material in it for days and even weeks before I had a salt shed. Yes the controller has less options as the strikers but whatever!! Imo more bs to go wrong!! Since I've owned a few of these I've added several modifications to them to make the Alittle more efficient on spread pattern and material waste, no 5 foot drop path on mine!! I had to put new bearings in the smaller ones conveyor motor this yr, but I got it used and have no idea how much it ran from the previous owner? Are 2.5 has not been touched in 3 yrs, strap it down and fire it up. I can fit a shovel in the box of the pickup beside it. My only complaint is the material that seems to get between the box and chain, I've tried several different types of wipers and always seems to have to clean them out after 15-20 ton thru them.. it's not a big deal tho.. are 1.5 is more modified because the factory 2 position spinner height is either to high or to low IMO, so I made it so it right in the middle and it awesome!! Filling salt boxes is easy pull the spinner unit off plaxe box under it and turn it on, easy pesy!! I also place both units in a piece ply wood.. Western warrenty has been great for me as they replaced the weak spinner motors on both units. You won't have this issue with a newer unit the motors are upgraded now to a larger shaft with no shoulders! This is were they would shear! I too have been thinking about a striker 4.5 but I feel they seem vary cheap.. thinking about next yr added another riser to our 2.5 to make it almost a 3.5 as the bigger unit runs all the time.. any questions PM me I can send you some pics of the mods too... good luck with your next purchase? IMO tornados are great units
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2016