v box mounting question


Annapolis MD
how do you mount your v box spreaders in a pick up?
I was told to drill into the bed floor and bolt it down then use the tie downs on the 4 corners,
I really dont want to drill into the bed floor if i dont have to.


Western CT
That is how they tell you to mount them. I have never bolted them. It is important to install a block in the front of the spreader between the front of the bed and the spreader. This is so it will not slide forward and rip the chute off. I have seen this happen.

After this we just use heavy racheting straps on the four corners to tie thme down. On my Ford I made a angle iron piece that covers the fron frame rail and about 20" back on each side. Bolted to the bed it serves as the base for my light and ladder rack. I then welded some bar stock at a 45 in each corner. This left a 3" piece to hook the straps to. I did this because I was worried about the strength of the Bed corners. In the rear I hook straight down to the Hitch side plate between the bumper and rear of the bed. On dumps I weld similiar bars in the front corners and hook to the chain pockets in the rear. Never had a problem with these mountings.

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