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I am looking at a used Monroe 8' V-box.

-3rd season of use
-9 hp briggs IC

owned by a industrial facility, not a commercial plow operation, and they use it to do their 2 parking lots. They have never used bulk in it, only hand loaded bags of calcium 50 lbs. at a time.

Does anyone have any experience with Monroes, and do you feel $1700.00 asking price is reasonable?


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Sounds like they bought the wrong spreader. I think you would pay about $2,800 new. I've seen a lot of those spreaders, some on municipal trucks. If it looks and runs good, I'd say it's a good buy. Anyway, that is what you're going to pay for a good 2 stage tailgate (probably, what they needed to buy in the first place).

$1,700 sounds good.


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We just installed a new Monroe and have used it for a couple of storms. Here's a couple of observations: Check out the main drive belt, because the material passes righ thru it. Some don't think it's a big deal, but it does add to the wear and tear, along with maintenance. Also, check the spinner unit and drive shafts for wear.

As for the performance of the unit; if you intend to spread sand in the unit in cold weather, the sand will freeze and clumps will get stuck in the spinner housing. Salt works very well; almost too well. You'll need to adjust your 'baffles' on the spinner housing to control your material flow and throttle down the engine so you don't spread salt so far that you're wasting material. Of course all of this depends upon the size of the property(ies) being serviced.

In regard to the price; if the unit is in good shape and it will make you money, then I wouldn't worry too much about saving a couple of hundred bucks. Monroe makes a good unit and we see many of them on DOT units here in the Midwest.

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Sounds like a good deal. We had a hydraulic driven pickup-V box and didn't have problems with it. The dealer is Truck & Trailer right in Dutton. That's who I was telling you about. You need to keep the conveyor chain tensioned and other than that there shouldn't be problems. I think RB is about right withthat price, too; I think they go for about $3,000 installed from T&T.


Sounds like a good price to me depending on its condition. I called around this past week to get another v-box and the Monroe v-box here is $3395 plus $300 for the top screen plus $170 for the inverted V. There are cheaper brands but Monroe makes good equipment.

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