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using ZTRs to Plow


Junior Member
St. Louis
I have a dixie chopper and saw in their brochure the plows that they make for them.

One is a foot operated the other has a linear activator, the prices are $600 and $1000, respectively.

Does anyone have an experience with them?
What limitations do they have(depth of snow)?



PlowSite.com Veteran
I'd guess they'd be good for about 2-3 inches of powdery snow on a driveway of maybe 25 - 50 ft. I wouldn't think they'd have the weight or the horsepower for wet, heavy snow. Depending on the make, I think you've got 20-25 hp. You'd probably want to get some chains for the drive wheels. If you get small amounts of snowfall, you would ok for your own drive or lot. If you're from around here, forget it. However, take that with a "grain of salt", I have no direct experience plowing with a mower. Personally, I wouldn't want to risk the possibility of damaging a DC to save a few bucks.


2000 Club Member
The best unit for ZTR's is a broom. The broom will do all the work of moving the snow, and all the tractor is there to do, is power and move the broom around. The broom will move about 6-8" of snow, less if it is wet.