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Discussion in 'Sno-Way Discussion' started by g-landscaping, Feb 18, 2008.

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    hey im looking for a used sno way plow w/ down pressure. i live in the syracuse area so some where around there would be great. im looking for any plow that will fit my 2003 ford explorer sport trac
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    its not worth it man. I also live near syr. PM me if you have any questions. The reason is, you need to buy a mounts/ that point you'll already have spent like 1g plus....just buy new. The amount of money you save would be very little in buying a used plow..n2m theres no warranty.
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    it cost me to get a new mount for my 05 f-350 about $700 for mount and wiring. If you can find one with the mount and wiring you need excellent. there are some pretty good used buys out there.
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    mounts run around 500-600 new.....harness for the lights is 275, the harness that connects to YOUR lights is 75, then the battery harness..(if the person you buy the plow off doesn't give you his) is another what?..100 bucks or so with the amp/fuse ??? This doesn't even TOUCH labor to install..

    500-600 mount
    75-- Light harness
    100--Power Supply Harness/Fuse Kit
    This doesn't included timbrens...

    So my rough figure was about 1000 for parts if purchased all new. (hes from syracuse, theres only 2 dealers so there not gonna very much, i know both there prices very well)
    Then if your not capable to install it yourself. (older truck, rusty bolts, not very easy to install some of these frames..they dont just.."bolt" right up)...your looking at a least 1 day if your doing it on your back in your garage.
  5. basher

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    Hard to give a man a price with out knowing what plow he's buying.

    If you find a 22 series plow with all the parts removed from the truck you will need an adpator, and mount all the rest is useable. so your looking at around $7-750 for parts

    Worse case senario you find a St model with nothing for the truck side and you're looking at around $1450

    look for a plow with all the parts that came off the truck, you may not be able to use it all and you will need at least the mount and adaptor unless you find a unit that came off your vrhicle but you will save a lot of money if you have the control, light and power wiring.
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    Those are the same prices regardless what plow you buy.(For the equipment i have listed that require to mount the plow to the truck) I know both the dealer in my area that sell snoway, and i have priced them both out, whether it be a 22series or something a little bigger that is what it COST me to mount my plow on a different truck. He is a local guy that would have to deal with either dealer that i went too. I didn't bother to mention the $300 (or most depending on if it takes them longer) dollar rate of installing the sub frame mount The ONLY price difference is the mount give our take there either 500-600 bucks. Like i said, im pricing it out from my own experience.

    BTW...basher you have a pm.........
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    There are plenty of used mounts around at dealers and from individual people. Just look around and you can find good stuff at used prices. Sno-Way makes a great plow and well worth the money to get the mount and wire adapters for your truck. Craigslist and Ebay are good places to start shopping.
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    If you buy new....power pack $2000...blade $500...controls $300...subframe $500...EIS harness $80. That's $3380 give or is buying used w/new frame for $1500 total not worth it?