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    hi everyone! i am new to the plowing world but have been doing landscaping for many years around the D.C area. We are currently looking into getting into snowplowing this year, but cant see spending thousands of dollars on a brand new plow setup until we see the demand in our area and how our landscaping clients respond to our new service during the winter. Therefore does anyone know where we could look for used plows or does anyone have an interrest in selling a used plow? I am looking for something between 7.5 to 8.5 feet, I have a 97 chevy 2500 4x4 with a meyers mount attachment already on the truck(tube style underneath) it is also already wired inside for a plow with the touchpad on the dash and lights switch. so i guess i am just looking for the actual plow setup(blade, aframe, springs, hydrolics, etc.) any suggestions or offers would be greatly appreciated!Please email me with your responses as i am new to this board and not really sure how to pull up any responses yet thanks!
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    Welcome to the forum Brian. The replys will all be listed when you read your original post. They are there, you don't have to bring them up. This board is very easy to navigate, as you will soon see. A great bunch of guys here too.

    I don't know anyone in the DC area on this board, but someone else might.

    Faced with your situation, I would get a used Meyer too. Keep in mind you can use any Meyer blade with your controls. By that I mean a blade off a 77 Blazer for instance, would fit no problem. You do however need the newer headgear. You also need an E-60 pump. You could use an older style E-47 pump, but you would need new controls in the cab, as the E-47 won't work with the touchpad.

    You could also "meet halfway", and buy a new E-60 pump, and new headgear. Then just pick up a used blade. Cheaper than the $3,000 for a whole new plow set up, and you'll know the pump is new.
    Central Parts Warehouse ( sells a remanufactured E-60 pump for about $700.00. They have new lift frames (headgear) for about $300. That would just leave the lights. You could get them locally, or on the web as well.

    It may be a challenge finding a used Meyer blade in decent shape, for a cheap price. Sometimes you get lucky though.

    Just trying to show you another path you can take to get your truck ready to plow!

    Once again, welcome aboard!

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    One suggestion might be to go on the net and cull some snow removal contractors names from your area and get on the phone and ask if they have any used plows for sale. Gotta be SOMEONE in the area that is getting rid of an old plow. You can go on Yahoo, Yellow Pages, plug in your city, plug in 'snow removal' and you'll get a list of those in the phone book that are looking for snow work. They gotta have a plow or two - and probably someone has one for sale.

    Welcome to the board.
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    And if they don't have one they always know someone who does, if that doesn't work look in a truck and heavy equipment shopper and look for a used plow or even a truck with one and call and if the owner is willing to separate.
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    Used plows are out there. Last year we found two Fisher for less than $1800.00 for both. They were in excellent shape and were complete, just had to bolt them on the trucks.
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    Just look in your local bargain shopper paper. We have one here in this area called the Bargain News. There are usually quite a few used plows as well as trucks in them.
    I bought my first plow used from an ad in a similar paper, It was a complete 7.5' Fisher setup with snow foil and it was almost brand spanking new. Paid $1,000 for it, and I am still using it 10 years later.

    Good Luck
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    Thanks guys for all your help and great responses. ALot of good ideas i hadn't thought of. Someone i know mentioned trying junk yards, but i called around to some of the bigger ones around here and nobody had anything but big dump truck plows. So i will keep fishing! One question...well actually two.... 1> why are the hydrolic pumps so darn expensive???i mean i know thats what controls the blade but geez!! 2>someone said i can use any kind of meyer setup, but can i use a different brand plow setup such as a western or boss with a meyers pump or undercarraige, i guess i am asking how interchangable are the plows and pumps and frames? Thanks. If anybody comes across any used plows for sale feel free to give me a heads up or pass on my email to them :) would appreciate it! Brian
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    one more thing is there a big difference in price between the e-60 and e-47 pumps? and with that is there a big difference in price between a used one or a new one? what do the new ones generally run for just so i know if i am getting ripped off on a used one? thanks again...sorry for all the newbie questions !!!
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    Yes you can use another plow other than a Meyer, but, you would need to have it modified to fit (welding involved). Meyer uses 5/8" pins to mount the plow. Western uses 1" pins. Both use different spacing too. From what I've heard, it's pretty easy to modify a Fisher plow to fit a Meyer frame, just ask Dino.

    As far as the power pack (pump) being costly, well, it's the heart of the whole system. The E-60 costs more than the E-47, because it has a larger motor, and the plow moves much faster. You can also raise and angle the plow at the same time with the E-60. The E-47 you can do it with too, but it moves much slower. MUCH slower.

    The difference in price between a remanufactured E-60 and an E-47 is about $50 at CPW ( They are not "used" like ones you will find for sale in a classified section. They are remanufactured, and have a 1 year warranty. Buy a used one, and you get NO warranty.
    The absolute cheapest route you can take without getting VERY lucky, is to find a used Meyer plow, and buy a new lift frame, lights, and remanufactured pump.

    You really don't want to mix n match for your first plow. You will learn the hard way if you buy a used pump, and it doesn't work when you have 20 driveways waiting.

    The reason I keep mentioning, is because I think they have just about the best prices. Much cheaper than any place I can go to around here. Things may be cheaper locally for you, but I doubt it.

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    Theres a 7 1/2 ft. blade for sale on ebay , right u[p the road in Baltimore, don't know when the sale ends but i'll check and post back. The reserve wasn't met last tinme i checked, so if it wasn't sold try emailing them to buy it on the side.

    Auction is over now, but it didn't meet the reserve, was up to $200 so they probably still have it. The item # is #445016275,check it out

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    Actually we modified a meyer plow to fit a fisher frame.
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    Around 1992 Meyer came out with their new system.

    1.) The E60 - which interchanges with the E47
    2.) The new "under-bumper" mounting system utilizes the SHORT A-frame. It's simple to change, but our dealer gets $140 for a new A-frame (for ST Meyers) If you do buy a plow, be aware it would need the SHORT A-frame to fit the truck described.

    In my market, I could get that truck going for $1500.00 or so.

    That's my input on the equipment.

    As far as the concept, I would sink $8,000 into plow systems for that truck, aquire a back-up, advertise and sell like crazy and do it right.

    Your biggest asset (or expense) is your time. Make the most of it with superior equipment.